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Mega Man Zero SSB Moveset
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Published: September 11, 2014
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He will work like a alt character for Zero

Normal Moveset:

Running Attack - Gale Attack: Zero dashes and then swing his saber, he gets a shaped attack . Multiple hits inflicted from a single stab. DMG 2% per hit

Side Tilt - Triple Rod: Zero will use the triple rod and make a three times attack. DMG: 3% per hit

Grab - Chain Rod: Zero wiil use the chain rod to grab the opponent, works like Link's grab.

Down Air - Sharp Edge: Zero will stab downwards while jumping. DMG: 5%

Smash Moveset:

Side Smash - Full Charge Recoil Rod: Zero will make a full Chargeable recoil rod who hit forward. DMG 16%

Down Smash - Full Charge Z-Saber : Zero will make a powerfull attack witk the Z-Saber who hits the ground firts. DMG: 17%

Up Smash - Full Charge Triple Rod: Zero will swing the rod around himself like a battle staf, hit 4 times. DMG: 7% per hit

Special Moveset:

Side Special - Zero Knuckle: Zero will use hin Knuckle to hit the opponent, if the attack works succesfully Zero will gain a ability for him, the ablity will depend of the games series that character represents and every attack will have a limit of ammo. Knuckle DMG: 5%, 10% (Succesfully hit)

Mario Series: Zero will shoot a fireball. Ammo: 20. DMG: 5%
Yoshi Series: Zero will shoot a egg: Ammo: 18. DMG: 7%
Wario Series: Zero will make Wario's famous Tackle. Ammo: 8. DMG: 12%
Donkey Kong Series: Zero will throw a barrel whith will roll in the arena and hit the opponent. Ammo: 8. DMG: 9%
Zelda Series: Zero will make his version Of the hero's bow: Ammo: 10. DMG: 6%-13%
Kirby Series: Zero will shoot a star. Ammo: 8. DMG: 10%
Pokemon Series: Zero will throw a pokeball, and a pokemon will appear on him. Ammo: 1
Metroid Series: Zero will make the Charge Shot of Samus: Ammo: 5. DMG: 4%-26%
Star Fox Series: Zero will use Fox Blaster using his Buster: Ammo: 35. DMG: 2% per hit
Mother Series: Zero will shoot the PK Fire. Ammo: 12. DMG: 3% per hit
F-Zero Series: Zero will make the Falcon Punch: Ammo: 4. DMG: 27%
Fire Emblem Series: Zero will make the Shield Breaker With the Z-Saber. Ammo: 8. DMG: 5%-24%
Ice Climber Series: Zero will shoot the Ice Shot. Ammo: 15. DMG: 8%
Game & Watch Series: Zero will use the Judgement. Ammo: 10.
Kid Icarus Series: Zero will makes his version Palutena's Arrow. Ammo: 10. DMG: 5%- 15%
Pikmin Series: Zero will throw a Pikmin. Ammo: 20. DMG: 5%
Gyromite Series: Zero will shoot the Robo Beam with his Buster: Ammo: 12. DMG: 12%
Animal Crossing Series: Zero will use the Pocket, the attack will be keep on his knuckle. Ammo: 5
Punch-Out Series: Zero will use the Straight Lunge with his Z-Knuckle, this one does'nt have the KO meter. Ammo: 6. DMG: 6%-25%
Duck hunt Series: Zero wiil shoot a Zapper, a flash appear and attack the one in front. Ammo: 15. DMG: 12%
Xenoblade Series: Zero will use A Vision, it's a counter attack. Ammo: 10.
Metal Gear Series: Zero will throw a grenade. Ammo: 5. DMG: 18%
Sonic Series: Zero will make Sonic Homing Attack. Ammo: 10. DMG: 10%
Bayonetta Series: Zero will make the Bullet Climax. Ammo: 30.
Megaman Series: Zero Buster will have his power increased until his use the Z-Knuckle again.
Street Fighter Series: Zero will make the Hadouken. Ammo: 20. DMG: 7%
Pacman Series: Zero will shoot the Bonus Fruit, Just like Pacman he can choose the fruit. Ammo: 20
Final Fantasy Series: Zero will make the Blade Beam. Ammo: 20
Mii Brawler: Zero will use the Shot Put, throwing a powerful iron ball. Ammo: 8. DMG: 14%
Mii Swordsman: Zero will use the Gale Strike, creating a tornado with his Z-Saber. Ammo 15. DMG: 7%
Mii Gunner: Zero will shoot the Charge Blast. Ammo: 6. DMG: 5%-24%

Neutral Special - Buster Shoot/Knuckle Weapon: Zero Will use his buster shoot, he have 2 level of charge, no charge will make him fires three shots at a time, half charge will make him shoot a half power shoot, and full charge will make him shoot a powerfull blast, he can walk when charged. Zero can use too a knuckle weapon after a succesfully hit of the side special, when the ammo is out he uses the Buster again.
DMG: 2% per hit (No charge), 9% (Half charged), 12%(Full charged)

Down Special - Shield Boomerang: Zero will use his shield, it will reflected any kind of projectile, When is full charged zero will throw him like a boomerang. DMG: 4%

Up Special - Transfer:
Zero teleports in any direction. Makes no DMG

Final Smash - Cyber Elf Force:
Zero summons a storm of Cyber Elves to assist him. During this period, he gains back some health and gets stronger, faster and takes less damage, it will dures 15 seconds, if he start the final smash closed by a opponent, a big Cyber Elf Appear and attack him with a big hammer. DMG: 30%(Cyber elf attack)

The vector belongs to :iconevilwaluigi:
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McP13| Digital Artist
I think that some of Zero's moves should look like this:

A: Z-saber 3 hit combo

B: Buster shot(hold to charge)

B+up: Split Heavens/Tenretsujin

B+left/right: Throw Blade/Zaneidan

B+left/right(air): Thunder Stab/Buraitotsu

B+down: Orbit Shield

B+down(air): Sky Chaser/Tsuibangeki

A+up: Soul Launcher

A+left/right: Shield Sweep

A+down: Triple rod/Chain rod (full charge) attack

A while running/dashing: Thunder Stab/Buraitotsu

Final smash: Rekkoha

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Some of then was in his alt Zero
Check out
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