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Mega Man X SSB Moveset
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Published: July 27, 2016
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X Charges in

This moveset has been suggested by xinbra

Normal Moveset:

Jab and Side Smash Neutral Air - X buster: Just like Megaman, X will use his buster to do this actions.

Down Tilt - Acid Burst: Fires a glob of acid that splashes on contact.

Up air - Sonic Slicer: X fires two blades of energy.

Down air - Metal Anchor: X throws an anchor-like projectile downward.

Running Attack - Tornado Fang: A large spinning drill is created on the end of the X-Buster

Up Smash - Storm Tornado: Fires a upward cyclone

Down Smash - Crystal Wall: Creats two large crystal

Grab - Wire Sponge: A longer chain is released

Special Moveset

Neutral Special - Triad Thunder: Three dynamos will appear around X, passing thunder around in a triangle pattern, and
then firing off in three directions, if charged X will punch the ground and two thunder bolts will then follow the ground
in front of and behind X, causing damage on contact. X must be on the ground to use this weapon. DMG: 6%, CHARGED 13%

Side Special - Homing Torpedo: Fires a smal rocket that home in on enemies, detonating on contact, if charged Releases
six larger missiles in a fanned-out manner. DMG: 7%, CHARGED 11%

Down Special - Frost Tower: Creates a giant block of ice around X, that protects him from enemies and also hurt him,
falling give more damage. DMG: 9%, falling 12%

Up Special - Rising Fire: X shoots an upwards fireball, if charged X unleashes a rising uppercut giving three hits.
DMG 8%, uppercut 6% per hit

Final Smash - Ultimate Armor: WitH this armor, X attacks will be more powerfull and his neutral special will change for the
Nova Strike, it takes 15 seconds. Nova Strike DMG: 20%

The vector belongs to :iconevilwaluigi:
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Palutena's guidance:
Pit: Is it me or does Mega Man get a major make over?
Palutena: This isn't THE Mega Man, but A Mega Man. Mega Man X to be exact.
Pit: Another Mega Man?! That is so awesome! I wonder if I get the other ones soon!
Viridi: Um, I hate to interrupt your geek outs, but you have a fight on your hands!
Palutena: Right. Here's what you need to know about X; unlike the original Mega Man, he can charge his weapons.
Pit: Well that doesn't seem to to be fair.
Palutena: True Pit. Like for example when X fires his Homing Torpedo it'll seek you out.
Pit: Not a sweat! I can use my Guardian Orbitars to send them back!
Palutena: That's the spirit!
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FoxBluereaverStudent Artist
This is one I'd LOVE to have in Smash!!
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Thank you! You just made my day!😊😊😊😊😊
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