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Mega Man X SSB Moveset by danilo11 Mega Man X SSB Moveset by danilo11
X Charges in

This moveset has been suggested by xinbra

Normal Moveset:

Jab and Side Smash Neutral Air - X buster: Just like Megaman, X will use his buster to do this actions.

Down Tilt - Acid Burst: Fires a glob of acid that splashes on contact.

Up air - Sonic Slicer: X fires two blades of energy.

Down air - Metal Anchor: X throws an anchor-like projectile downward.

Running Attack - Tornado Fang: A large spinning drill is created on the end of the X-Buster

Up Smash - Storm Tornado: Fires a upward cyclone

Down Smash - Crystal Wall: Creats two large crystal

Grab - Wire Sponge: A longer chain is released

Special Moveset

Neutral Special - Triad Thunder: Three dynamos will appear around X, passing thunder around in a triangle pattern, and
then firing off in three directions, if charged X will punch the ground and two thunder bolts will then follow the ground
in front of and behind X, causing damage on contact. X must be on the ground to use this weapon. DMG: 6%, CHARGED 13%

Side Special - Homing Torpedo: Fires a smal rocket that home in on enemies, detonating on contact, if charged Releases
six larger missiles in a fanned-out manner. DMG: 7%, CHARGED 11%

Down Special - Frost Tower: Creates a giant block of ice around X, that protects him from enemies and also hurt him,
falling give more damage. DMG: 9%, falling 12%

Up Special - Rising Fire: X shoots an upwards fireball, if charged X unleashes a rising uppercut giving three hits.
DMG 8%, uppercut 6% per hit

Final Smash - Ultimate Armor: WitH this armor, X attacks will be more powerfull and his neutral special will change for the
Nova Strike, it takes 15 seconds. Nova Strike DMG: 20%

The vector belongs to :iconevilwaluigi:
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xinbra Featured By Owner Edited Oct 20, 2016
Palutena's guidance:
Pit: Is it me or does Mega Man get a major make over?
Palutena: This isn't THE Mega Man, but A Mega Man. Mega Man X to be exact.
Pit: Another Mega Man?! That is so awesome! I wonder if I get the other ones soon!
Viridi: Um, I hate to interrupt your geek outs, but you have a fight on your hands!
Palutena: Right. Here's what you need to know about X; unlike the original Mega Man, he can charge his weapons.
Pit: Well that doesn't seem to to be fair.
Palutena: True Pit. Like for example when X fires his Homing Torpedo it'll seek you out.
Pit: Not a sweat! I can use my Guardian Orbitars to send them back!
Palutena: That's the spirit!
danilo11 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016
FoxBluereaver Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Student Artist
This is one I'd LOVE to have in Smash!!
xinbra Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016
Thank you! You just made my day!😊😊😊😊😊
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July 27, 2016
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