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Eevee SSB Moveset
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Published: September 5, 2014
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Neutral Special - Swift: Eevee will shoot
Star-shaped rays at the opponent, It have a medium range and can shoot more holding special button. DMG: 4% per hit

Side Special - Tackle: The signature move of the normal type attacks is used by Eevee, charges and slams into the target with its whole body, can be charged for more damage. DMG: 5% - 24%

Down Special - Dig: Eevee will digs underground and will pops up and attack, can be moved left and right when in underground, don't work in platforms. DMG: 13%

Up Special - Double Team: Eevee will
moving rapidly and make illusory copies of itself, can be moving vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Makes no DMG.

Final Smash - Eeveelutions: All the eevelutions appear and together make a powerfull blast combining their attacks, Vaporeon will shoot the Water Gun, Jolteon will shoot the Charge Beam, Flareon will shoot the Flamethrower, Espeon will shoot the Psybeam, Umbreon will make the Dark Pulse, Leafeon will shoot the Magical Leaf, Glaceon will shoot the Ice Beam and Sylveon will make the Fairy Wind, work's similiar to PKM trainer FS. DMG: 18% per hit

The vector belongs to :iconevilwaluigi:
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OK guess Eevee someday becoming a fighter someday could be possible. When that happens though might come another game introducing more then one Pokémon Fighter. Last Pokémon not from the latest Gen at the time were Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard, and the Last Pokémon to join the Smash Bros. Roster that’s not a Starter one is Lucario.
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now with sun and moon out, its final smash should be extreme evoboost, boosting all of its attributes for a few seconds 
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Eeevee, the Evolution Pokémon!
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