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January 6, 2013
Analogue Dear by ~DanilLovesFood
Featured by RezaBisuto
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Analogue Dear

The story:

This artwork is dedicated for a good friend and music-composer: Sjaak Douma, his one-man band name called "Analogue Dear". When listened his music for the first time I was quite overwhelmed, how one guy could produce such polished quality of colourful sound.

Please check his website and hear his music, give him facebook likes and share it with your friends!

It came to me that his music was underrated, so I decided to create a piece that would show out into the world and let be heard his great music with it. He really does make wonderful and heart-warming music.

Thank you for stopping by!
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Hi! your work has been featured here…
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It is very beautifully done:clap:
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never seen something so "daydreaming"
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Thanks G, Glad ya dig. I wanna make more of this kind of art when I get the time.
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Beautifully done :)
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You are quite welcome :D
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Of course, every piece of art strikes a viewer differently, and that's the suburb beauty of creativity in itself.
This piece made me think...

It feels like the animals see what she sees and offer a comfort so well said in this work, no words could do the idea a better justice.

The foxes are focused... maybe united? - the symbolism of the duality and their position just over the shoulders (like protectors, witnesses or consciouses) is something to ponder.

The dear head (in or out of this setting) usually triggers the idea of "prize token" or monumental kill... maybe a nobility symbol.

The camera is analogue so the "reflection" within the girl is all her inner eye.

The clothes she's wearing are not clothes you'd wear in the woods and that tells us something
about the present moment.

The woman on her shirt is a blonde while she is not... leading us to wonder who these people are that would bring the girl to such an emotional state.

It would be easy to take the woods for granted assuming this is the setting of the memory when it could easily be symbolism of a mindset

The flowers all seem tight and organized - likely just a result of the artist's style but then again,
they are so obviously "bouquet" flowers (Baby's Breath aesthetically placed) and not really organic or wild - the formality of the flowers matches the postures of the animals.

I apologize for taking so much of your time to share my personal view but it's a pleasure to see work this intricate
and well done stirring so many feelings at once.

Lovely! :iconbravoplz:
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Ahw man, I love these kind of comments. Thank you so damn much for taking time to interpret my illustration. I'm very happy what things it makes you think, because when you describe it. Then I just see this painting as something more complex then I had that time in the conscious mind. The feelings you described definitely make sense, thank you once again!
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Glad I stopped by with a few words.
This image was brought to my attention by :iconrabidmoon:
and I'm glad we took the time to really look at this! :tribute:
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Beautiful Detail ♥ Stunning!
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Beautiful piece, I will check it!!
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