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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)

Here's a little experiment of me singing "Misty Mountains Cold" from the movie "The Hobbit". The Image in the video is a sketch I painted earlier this year. :) 

It's Inktober! :D
So I'll put my ink paintings I did so far on here.
Most of them I made with india ink, water and a watercolor brush on normal paper. :)

Ink1 by danielwachter

Ink2 by danielwachter

Ink3 by danielwachter

Ink4 by danielwachter

Ink5 by danielwachter

Ink7 by danielwachter
This is a collaborative piece between :iconnu-clearwinter: and me. :)
She provided the original pen sketch and I then colored it and set it in front of a background.
Remigius is a character inside of one of her own stories. She's a very talented and good writer. Check out her stuff. :)

Remigius the little Caramel-Bunny by Nu-clearWinter

Hey guys,

I'll use this journal to share with you any painting videos I've recorded and keep it updated over the time.
So here we go:

Sketch Painting: The Bridge

Anomaly - Painting Process

Full Colour Sketch "Pillars"

I just uploaded the video of my painting process of my "Anomaly" piece. Hope you enjoy it. :)

You can find it on Youtube here: Anomaly - Painting Process
These fantastic Andrew Loomis art instruction books are now available as free pdf downloads over at Illustration Age.

That would be:

Creative Illustration
Drawing The Head & Hands
Eye Of The Painter
Figure Drawing For All It's Worth
Fun With A Pencil
Successful Drawing

Go get them. :)…
Just found this great video - gotta love that guy.…
First of all I wish each and everyone who comes across this profile a happy new year! :)

So now after over 2 years of almost not uploading anything new except for one piece to my gallery, things will hopefully change this year as I decided to get back into digital drawing and painting and to put a lot of more time into it. I hope this helps me with getting better and you can find something new on here from time to time. Let's see if that's feasible. I'll give it a shot. :D

Have a great time!