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Tree City

Time for another :iconweekly-environment: painting!
(Assignment 28 : Tree-City).
Some flats are still free to move in if you want! :)

Painted with SAI.

Hope you like it.
Any comments are much appreciated. :)

EDIT: corrected some lighting on the left tree.
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I really like this image - a lot! Not just because of the beautiful colours you chose, but the composition works well, too I think.

The things that strike me as "not quite there yet" are the perspective of the lanterns hanging from the trees and the fact that all windows seem to be completely evenly lit.

For some more effect (and maybe realism), it would be nice to see the lanterns change size a bit more dramatically the further away they are. Also it would be nice to see them strung up between the trees further away as well.

Also, in generall, the further away something is, the more "hazy" it should be - and not just in the two layers background vs foreground, but for example the left tree that is still in the foreground should already be a bit hazier than the tree in the front. By haze, I don't mean blur (though you can add that as an additional element), but things having less contrast.

Finally, the lighting of the windows is a little bit too uniformly done to feel realistic (of course this advice also depends on how realistic you want to be to begin with). If you were to dim some of them a little, I think that would already help.
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it should be much higher, the picture is amazing!!!!
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Thank you very much for your critique. :) You have good points - I might update the picture these days and try to apply your points.
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don't worry if you don't get around to updating - I know how I am myself, I rarely go back to old stuff, ut I'll rather remember pointers for "next time" ;)

I'm glad I could help!

(and PS I hate those star ratings, so don't take them to heart)
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
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First off, I really liked the use of lanterns and fire light in this picture. The blue twilight background set it off rather nicely. The number of lights lit in the trees decried that a number of creatures resides in each tree; neat idea. The light reflected in the limbs of the trees is eerie too. I remember reading in my student days a science fiction novel by a famous writer about a city in the trees, but I don't recall this type of detail. This may be totally original, or at least your adaptation is. Remarkable work. I have no recommendations at present.
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Thank you very much for your feedback. Much appreciated! :)

I don't know this novel, but sounds interesting - should have a look at it. :)
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The writer was French: Jules Verne, a long time favorite writer.
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Beautiful <3
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(Well, I mean, probably those with a fear of heights aren't exactly big on them. Or maybe those with lots of allergies.)
I'd live there! (I wonder what the taxes on such a place would be though.) ;p
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Love these kinds of pictures! The light here is great! Happy Dance 
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Thank you very much! :)
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this is such a beautiful idea! i love it! :)
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This is how my elves live. In houses just like this.
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cool atmosphere!
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Reminds me of the Ewok city from Star Wars 6. Nicely lit and and I love the mist in the background.
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Hehe I heard that about the ewok a lot. Glad you like it - thank you. :)
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Hi, you've been featured here [link] !
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Wow thank you so much for the support! :)
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wonderful !
I want to live there :3
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