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n1 m8, can i use it?
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Can u please give the words you used... please
Thankx.. :)
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This is great! May I use this as a background photo? thank you!
How did you make this?
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love your work
was hoping to get permission to use it as my site back ground
please send me an email on
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Hi punkdbydaniels: I would like to request permission to use your image in a video. If you would like to see the video I have incorporated your image into, please contact me at I love your work.
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beatiful concept
olfosfrontale's avatar
wow! nice work. the subtleness, the contrast, great...
very very nice:)
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There is a typo in the 'C.' You have "habbits."
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wow excellent work.. so beautiful :)
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Featured @
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Very cool idea.
I thought that You needed a lot of time to look up this paragraph among others. These paragraph fill the word and nicely transmitted the real meaning of "Peace".
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So beautiful. I love it.
gabylafolle's avatar
added to my desktop. thanks!
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awesome.. (one word) :D
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This is great. Love the design as well as the message.
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