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"Thanks for your help, Emily," I said, looking into her almond-eyes, irises black as the night. She smiled that cute smile of hers and I immediately felt my chest burning and tightening.

I looked away, my face turning red.

It had been five years since the accident in the lab.  I am still adjusting to the fact that, whenever I get sexually aroused, I change from my normal Patrick into Patricia.  It was rough going at first.  The night after the accident, I had a nervous breakdown as Patricia.

It used to take about eight hours to return to being Patrick after being sexually aroused normally, but lately, it's been taking about eight and a half hours.  This was a worrying development and I've had to keep my sexual arousal to a minimum.  But my coworker Emily wasn't doing me any favors.

As she walked away with that cute butt of hers, I could feel my chest pushing out into cones.  Oh God, I'd love to be with her as Patricia!

My pelvis was beginning to widen and I tore my eyes away from her.  No!  The transformation was beginning to slow down, but I could still feel my chest--my breasts!--pushing the front of my shirt out.

I have to settle down.

Soon, the breasts began to deflate as I stared at the spreadsheet in front of me.

The light beige color of the total column, however, was the exact same color as Emily's skin.  I quickly changed the color, blushing furiously. Stop it!, I commanded myself!  My pelvis thankfully began to narrow again as my concentration returned to the figures.

That night, I couldn't help myself. All my thoughts were on Emily.  Soon, I was Patricia: six inches shorter, and a double-D cup.  After cleaning up after my masturbation as Patricia, I looked at the time.  It was only eight hours before I was due into work again.  Hopefully, it would be enough time to revert back to Patrick enough to not get uncomfortable questions.

I slept fitfully.

Six hours later, I woke up and pulled the blanket away and saw...I was still Patricia!  My chest was down to a C-cup, but I was still 100% female!


I grasped the bathroom counter and looked at Patricia's face in the mirror.  What was I going to do?  I wouldn't be Patrick in time to return to work.

I could... I could call into work sick.  But that would leave Emily alone in the department to take up the slack. I couldn't do that to her.

Oh Emily... You are the perfect woman for me.  Everything about you is perfect--from your looks to your personality...  My C-cup breasts swelled back up and out into double-Ds, and my hips flared out to full wideness again.

Just a quick little thing that crawled into my head and I had to put it down into a story quickie.

Hope y'all like.  :)
DanielleJewel14 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018
Great start to a story! Would love to see more or a graphic adaptation to this.
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October 27, 2018
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