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Well at the very least.

I do hope those guards have a weapon or some powerful magic needed to fight off these creatures.

If not. Then their completely screwed out of luck.

Assuming the monster isn't here just to have a drink (What Alcohol do you think he would perfer).

But I digress.

Aside from that. A fine job done on the drawing. God bless you and have a good day.

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Lol :)

The guards are petrified by fear and are not dangerous to him, so I'm sure the monster will drink rum first.

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Your welcome.

Feel free to stop by My D.A Page and Check Out My Artwork if your interested and Have free time on your hands.

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Ah, the deep comes calling. This is excellent work!

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The guards seem pretty unimpressed. "Eh, kraken again, Jim?" "Yup, looks like. So, how're the kids?"

The other interesting thing in that image is a surprising amount of what looks like glass on the building fronts (including the inn).

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This looks awesome ... I love these kinds of scenes. Fantastic job!

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"Good evening, I hear you have the best seafood in town."

Awesome work, chief. Bravo.

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He seems like a major killjoy lol. The guards were just minding their own business.

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