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Xmen - Avengers - House of M.

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House of M pages 10 - 11.

Did these to practice drawing famous characters...
I showed these to Dave Gibbons at a Con down here (supanova) and gave me really positive feedback

hope you like

x men and avengers copyright Marvel Entertainment.
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Just so you know, for a DPS you cut the pages on the trim lines (on the sides that will be joining only) and then tape the cut sides together from behind. Also try to keep important details out of the middle area, between the two middle copy lines; you may see the details in a single issues, but in trade collections that stuff close to the spine gets lost easily.
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thanks david

the drawings in the middle were a result of real bad layouts (obviously :) ). something i noticed straight away and wont ever repeat.

with the the DPS measurements...i knew about cutting the trim lines from tim seeleys drawing comics book which he descibes pretty well. only i have seen pros skip the cutting out and just draw line/s on either side of the DPS to the same measurements like i did on this one. im assuming as long as the drawing is within the correct length it will be printed correctly?

or should i stop trying to bend the rules until im atleast a pro? hahaha