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Codename: WinThunder

This is not the final version of this application.

I am open to suggestions and a name for this application.

Thank you for all comments.

Hope you liked! :D

Things that final verison will have:
- Multilingual
- Create themes
- Change weather icons
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Shame it doesn't work anymore.
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I cant get the app to display the temperture...
any help?
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He hasn't done anything with this for quite a few years now. I highly doubt anything will be done about it.
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great app. how can i translate it into chinese?
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i can translate it to Turkish
I installed WinThunder folder in the c: directory on Win 7 OS.  Although I have settings set to update weather data every minute, the weather data does not update.  And sometimes when I restart, the location is not retained.  The config file shows:

Can you suggest a fix?
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Whoow really nice app thanks man.. 
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This looks so Windows-like, it could be by Microsoft.
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Amazing! I even attached my radio stations via shortcut thanks to this plugin!

Thank you very much! =D
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When is a new version.coming out. Can't wait for an update.
Tray Notifier for a name?
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anyway you can add libraries to the program instead of just physical folders?
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hope it could add program shortcut and icons view and list view
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wow,it could already add program .lhk
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Whenever I add a custom icon, the icon disappears after about a minute. Is there any way to fix this?
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Hi, "WinThunder" sounds good. could be "TrayThunder" too.
suggestions... mmm.. well. a darker skin. Or better support for skins.
(In my XP when i run it a see the icon in the tray and nothing more. then i go with my mouse to the icon in the tray and when i put the pointer over the icon it dessapier. :/ (?) )
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This is great my brother. :)
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Thank you so much that it doesn't have Metro!
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Well, I don't want to sound harsh, but I love the new Metro, erm, Windows 8 Interface. But, since DanielNet said that it will be possible to create themes, I think that we both will be satisfied with the app :)
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this apps really needs an installer! awesome!
It's a cool app, but don't you think that it would be easier to check if there is new mails with a differently colored icon for "no mail" and "new mails" status ?
Something like the one below, i've made it and try to patch the .exe, but i didn't manage to change the system tray icons (but i've got now different icons in windows explorer ! which is completely useless :)
.png icon 16x16 : [link]
.ico icon 16x16 : [link]
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I think you are talking about the application Mail Notifier and not WinThunder. Anyway, next version of Mail Notifier, it will be possible you customize the system tray icon. :D
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