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Logon Screen


Logon Screen

version 3.01

Operating system

Windows 7 (x32 & x64) and Windows 8/8.1 (x32 & x64)

Change the appearance of logon screen with a Push of a button.

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- Softpedia Editor's Review: Excelent 5/5
- Brothersoft Editor's Pick
- Brothersoft Winners 2010: List of Best New Windows Software
- Getabest: 5 Stars Editor's Choice!
- Famous Why: Editor's Pick

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Thank you for all comments! :D

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it works for non-activated Windows version

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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It would be awesome if you can double click the picture and then search for your background, instead of clicking "Browse". What I mean by this is that you can use the program more efficient.
The layout is great.
All the buttons are there, Restore, Lock, Browse and Apply. We don't need more than that!

Also the quick-access is really amazing! Just right-clicking the desktop and you can open the program. And right-clicking a picture and choose set as Logon background. Really thoughtfull!

Last, the Dutch version has some minor typing mistakes. But I hardly noticed them

It's a great program, I thank you for this <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>!
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Thank you very much for the critique. :w00t!:
It's very helpful, I will make a double click on the picture to browse for a new one on the next version. :D
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Uhm...attached file has no software but link to your website, that was closed. Sad...
looks awesome, but wandering will this work with windows 10 latest build?
if not then why not make it compatible with?
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can i get the wallpaper pls`?
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can i get the wallpaper with the bird?
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It works amazing, thank you for this program.
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Nyc Programe 5/5 star 
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Simple and effective, works very well   Clap 
Thank you for this work
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It's a great tool I love it so much

but recently it stopped working and give me that error "object reference not set to an instance of an object"

So i don't know what to do

Any help ?? :(
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I need more details, what are the steps to reproduce the error?
Try to run the program, restore the logon screen and then change your logon screen :)
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Try to restore first the logon screen background and then change for a new one.
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ok it's fixed
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Simply awesome:) Ty.
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Just want to say, this program is AWESOME!!!
It worked faster than I thought it would, having used the Start Button Changer in the past.
The fact that it made the file the correct size on its own was just another thing I didn't need to do myself.
Excuse me.Er...I'm a foreigner..should I have to download this software with comment on this site???
sorry...i found the download button...anyway this software is awesome!!!!
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awesome ! nice work xD
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I have been looking for something like this for quite a while so I got excited when I found yours. I downloaded it but my antivirus immediately warned me that a virus was in the file. Thought you might want to know so you can check it out.
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If you are using the antivirus ESET-NOD32, the warning of virus, it's a false alarm, there is no virus on Logon Screen program. :)
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