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Star Trek - Section 31 by DanielMurrayART Star Trek - Section 31 by DanielMurrayART
Laid down an idea for a Star Trek - Section 31 - "Asset is Expendable" Book Cover.

Section 31 is officially nonexistent and autonomous clandestine organization within the Federation. Apologies for nerd-speak.

Photoshop and Grut Brushes.

comicgeek1969 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018
section 31 is so much fun, but the whole concept must make Ol Gene R roll in his grave.  lol
DanielMurrayART Featured By Owner Edited Jun 18, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Completely agreed, but just because humanity, or a good part of it has their shit together and can function, it doesn't follow that suddenly the galaxy is all shiny and fields of roses.  Plus ST-TOS wasn't planned for expansion. It was basically all one-offs telling stories in science fiction that they couldn't otherwise get away with on 60's network television. The notions of the intricacy that would be galaxy relations between hundreds of races wasn't a factor. Need an enemy for a show about bigotry? Invent the Romulans. Need an adversary for the network to see some action and yet tell a moral tale? Invent the Klingons.

Remember it was pitched as 'Wagon Train to the Stars' and killed after 2 seasons, Bjo Trimble spear headed the movement to bring the series for a third season. Expansion was the work of other folks, so it would follow that all races would have a shadow unit to do the work/intel that is needed to prevent and well as stay informed. Threats form no matter how peaceful you are.

Or to prevent a writer from penning "Spock's Brain" ever again. ;)

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