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Giants 10

By DanielMead
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Wow! Circle number 10! That means I have done 60 giants.

In this group (starting at bottom)
Garada K7 (True Mazinger)
GR-2 Skullbot (Kill All Monsters)
Gin Gin (Grendizer)
King Gori (Grendizer)
The Guardian (
Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man (Ghost Busters)
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Great work Dan! Are you going to do "Pacific Rim"?
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Thanks man! I did two of them in the last couple of rounds, but I do plan on making the others. There wasn't much references for all of them when I made the first two. I made them from action figure previews.

Soooo excite to see that flick.
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some great characters, & nicely done as always :)
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I like this POV circle. Makes me feel like I'm tiny standing in the center and they're about to stomp on me.
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If I knew the scale of them, I would make a poster of them all together, but I'm too lazy to look them all up :)
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Man, I never knew there were SO many giant robots.......these are becoming my one stop reference guide to identifying them all, Staypuff was a humorous addition!
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