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Giant - GR-2 Skullbot

By DanielMead
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This one is from from an awesome looking web comic...Kill all Monsters!

Web Site - [link]
Web Comic - [link]
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Yeah, this is Skullbot. Also known as GR-2. Thanks for honouring Kill All Monsters (again!)!
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Thanks for the name! No problem. I love the look of your giant robots!
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Thanks! I come from the old school/Shogun Warrior vein of giant robots. :)
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Ah..only the best. I was too poor to own a Shogun Warrior, now I am too cheap to by one. :)
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Daniel ...

I believe that this guy is called "Skullbot" according to the article found here on the "Kill All Monsters" website: [link]

Photo included in the article: [link]

Quoted text as per the article:

"Got a couple of more Kill All Monsters-related links, starting with the awesome Skullbot drawing above by Vincent Kukua. Vincent is a talented production artist at Image Comics and you can check out more of his stuff on his DeviantArt page [link] . Thanks, Vincent"

Some other interpretations of Skullbot:

Image 01. [link]

Image 02. [link]

Three comics (one available as a free download) which apparently feature Skullbot and his cohorts: [link]
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Thanks for looking up and posting those links, v242! The first Kill All Monsters trade will be in comic shops this month! I can get the Diamond code if people are interested.
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You are quite welcome.

Weird thing is, is that I haven't heard anything back from Daniel Mead with regard to my having found out / identified the name of the Skullbot character that he was inquiring about.

*meh* :shrug:

But thanks for your reply. Maybe pass along the "diamond code" to him in order to make it more known. ;)

Sincerely appreciated.

Take care,

v242 :)
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Sorry I didn't get back to you. I am HORRIBLE at getting back to people on the interwebs. *hangs head* Thanks for the links. Jason contacted me and helped me out with the names.
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Good deal Daniel.

No problem and I am glad that I (as well as Jason) could be of assistance to you.

Keep up the good work your "Giants" series of images ... I really have gotten a kick out of them.

Take care and be well,


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Thanks. You know...any ideas are appreciated. I really have a hard time finding new ones, or at least finding appropriate ones.
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Possibly try a couple of these links for ideas (if you haven't done so already) ... just use the A - Z selection list at the top of links 02. and 03. to peruse through the different characters by name.

01. Robot Japan: [link]

02. Soul of Chogokin robots from Bandai (toy images): [link]

03. Popy Chogokin - GA and GB (toy images): [link]
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The Diamond order code for the Kill All Monsters trade (out this June!) is APR130764. Thanks!
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Never seen this, I dont suppose youve done anything from Attack on a Titan yet have you?
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