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My version of Samus Aran from Metroid. Dedicated to Lysia ♥
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Love the atmosphere of this and the weight she has.

We are actually holding space themed video game art show, and this would do great at it!

Entries are free, you can win $100, and if you want it to, we sell it and donate 100% to charities (Extra Life, JASMYN (LGBTQA+), and First Coast No More Homeless Pets.

We've even done a bunch of cosplay for an additional exhibit dedicated to the theme.

If you're interested, hit me up or you can send your art in at

Again, great work! 🙌

Day 1 7 by ryanpaulthompson   GAAM 2017 Art MPP-171 by ryanpaulthompson  

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I love your interpretation of her suit, which is slightly more realistic in proportion, such as her legs being wider than typically depicted. I also like how you have her suit open like a cocoon.
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Amazing. All of the men will love her.
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I'm glad Metroid is back.
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That would be an interesting mechanic, pieces of the armour fall off as you get damaged, so if you get damaged too much, you end up losing a good part of your defense and weapons!
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Such a fine Samus ! :)
Niiiice. I like the slightly bulkier legs in your vision here.
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Beautiful use of dark colors and shading, being a bounty hunter doesn't mean you easch battle will be easy it actually brings you up against the foulest creartures known to mankind, and in this piece you truly see that
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Very, very impressive.
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Is awesome, a transformation of Varia Suit :D
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Very nicely done !
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Beautiful picture. I love the mechanical way the armor is moving instead of just digitizing into place, which makes it much more realistic and shows you put time and effort into your work, not just went the lazy route. I also like how you aren't making her blatantly feminine, but more the fierce and deadly bounty hunter she is. Most of what you see out there just sexualizes female characters, rarely showing them in their true character and element. You clearly don't take the low-road in your artwork and I want to praise and thank you for that. 

And no, I'm not a chick complaining about women being sexualized; I'm actually a guy. I just have respect for members of the opposite sex, including those who aren't real, and Samus was among the first, if not the first, female characters who held my respect, which she still does. (I deny Other M's very existence. They absolutely butchered her character in that game. I'd sooner believe Metroid Pinball was canon over that garbage.) 
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when you think about it, samus realy is like a hotter female version of iron man
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Awesome pic! :3
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Wow, love what you did here. She looks fierce and not so busty either. I've had an issue with so many people doing that. Anyways, great job!
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Think they will ever make a motion picture based of the game.
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This is awesome!
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Great work, the design looks so cool!
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