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Relativistic speed would be a more appropriate name since no object could travel at light speed, because its mass would become infinite therefore it would requre infinite energy to accelerate (not to mention, that is would become a black hole before it could ever reach C).

I tried to be as physically accurate with this image as possible. This would be the wiew from the bridge of a starship traveling at 95% of the speed of light in the interstellar space. There is a lot of interesting thing going on here!

At this speed time is moving 3.2 times slower than on earth, so your eye would meet with 3.2 times more photon than normally, therefore it makes the wiew that much brighter. You could see magnitude 7 stars (6 is the maximum on earth) which means a lot more visible stars and nebula!
The ship relativistic mass is also 3.2 times heavier and due to Lorentrz contraction the ship lenght is shrinked to 31% of its original size (this is only detectable by a resting outside observer not by the crew onboard).

An other interesting thing is the "tunel" of light. This is caused by the excited/ionized hydrogen atoms and dust particles that the ship meets (and hopefully repells somehow before contact).
Space is not completly empty just very very rare. At this speed the ship would meet a lot of particle per (onboard) second. The collision with theese atoms would slowly weaken then disintegrate the hull and penetrate as radiation. Dust particles could easily cause catastrophic damage. These atoms can be deflected by a plasma burst heading before the ship. An other way is an electromagnetic force field where high energy electrons are kept in orbit around the ship by powerfull electromagnets (Lorentz law). It is an easily solvable problem, and it would produce an amazing sight. The large bright light streaks are dust particles the others are interstellar hydrogen atoms. If the ship clears a 300 m radius passage then it have to move 0.00043 g matter per ondoard second. After excitation these particles emitt a blue (high energy) light as they return to ground state. The Doppler effect turns the light purple.

Speaking of doppler effect: At this speed green light would be seen as ultraviolet and infrared light would be shortened to visible light. This would make smaller (mostly IR radiating) stars brighter and large blue stars greatly dimmer. Since small (red dwarf) stars are far more common there would be a lot more visible stars!
The sight of the galaxy would change too. The core would be a lot more brighter because it contains more older burned out stars.

There is one technical problem: To accelerate a 100 000 tonn (mass of an average aircraft carrier) ship to 0.95 c 4.1*10^24 J energy (or 22 810 tonn of antimatter) is required! According to our current (Earth bound) power generation capabilities we would need 3 million year to produce this!
Its extremly hard, but not imposible! By harvesting the Hawking radiation of a small enough black hole theoreticly we can get a nearly unlimited supply of antimatter!

There is a good chance that some beeing somewhere out there is seeing this sight as you read this. Hopefully one day we can experience this ourselves!
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