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If there's 1 returning Mode I'd wish would return to Smash Ultimate, It's the Stage Builder! The Brawl version with added extra gimmicks from Wii U version & some new added features!
I did not mean to get harsh. I am VERY sorry if i went upset. Just that i was playing & making those reviews late past 3:00 am past my bedtime. X.X So i decided to just delete that journal and try and calm myself.
The Sonic Amateur Games Expo is now Live!
Just a quick heads up that the dead to submit your fan game or rom hack to Sonic Amateur Games Expo is tomorrow.…
I just realized that today marks a whole year since Sonic Mania was officially released!
Of all my Custom Sonic HUD sheets including my most recent one today,
1. My Custom Sonic HUD, Zone Title card, and Results by DanielMania123 2. Custom Sonic Modern HUD Sprites by DanielMania123 3. Custom Sonic HUD's, Zone Title cards, and MORE by DanielMania123
4. Cream FanGame - HUD, Title Card, Results and More! by DanielMania123 5. Custom Sonic HUD, Title Card, Results and More! 2 by DanielMania123 6. Sonic Mayhem Custom HUD Sprites -MY VERSION- by DanielMania123

Which of these are your favorite? Then explain in the comment below on why it is your favorite.
Does Anybody ever remember this 8-bit based fangame Sonic Mayhem by Amesuki
Today i'm going to Wild Waves with my ma! So i thought i put this up cause its Tuesday!

What' are your favorite places to go swimming in the Hot summer?
I'm back! Did you miss me? I'm sure you do. ;)
Welp, gotta finish packing my stuff for camp! see you on saturday july 28!
just letting ya'll know that tomorrow Sunday, i'll be leaving to camp pigott with boy scouts for a whole week.
Just a heads up that the deadline for the Sonic Amateur Games Expo trailer submissions is July 28th.…
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+1 More Day by DanielMania123
And check out this new commercial posted by the sonic youtube channel!
+2 Days by DanielMania123