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Violet Valley Zone by DanielMania123 Violet Valley Zone :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 7 2 Custom Sonic HUD, Title Card, Results and More! 3 by DanielMania123 Custom Sonic HUD, Title Card, Results and More! 3 :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 5 0 Everyday! Happy Birthday! by DanielMania123 Everyday! Happy Birthday! :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 11 2 Funfetti the Twinkletail by DanielMania123 Funfetti the Twinkletail :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 17 1 Kayla's Falling Rose Petals by DanielMania123 Kayla's Falling Rose Petals :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 13 0 Amy's Toesies -By Mochipup- by DanielMania123 Amy's Toesies -By Mochipup- :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 19 18 Amy's Accident -By Fangthefox- by DanielMania123 Amy's Accident -By Fangthefox- :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 17 14 Happy Blushing Amy -By Clovershroom- by DanielMania123 Happy Blushing Amy -By Clovershroom- :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 14 0 Amy Dolled Up -By Nenesheep- by DanielMania123 Amy Dolled Up -By Nenesheep- :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 17 1 Kitty Piggyback rides -by Lieukuh- by DanielMania123 Kitty Piggyback rides -by Lieukuh- :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 17 1 Kitty Sister Hugs by DanielMania123 Kitty Sister Hugs :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 11 2 Skunky Love by DanielMania123 Skunky Love :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 16 2 Happy National Wear Red Day! by DanielMania123 Happy National Wear Red Day! :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 16 4 February 2019 Cal - Rocky Canyon Act 2 by DanielMania123 February 2019 Cal - Rocky Canyon Act 2 :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 9 1 For  You -By Lieukuh- by DanielMania123 For You -By Lieukuh- :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 23 7 amy swinging by lilLilly by DanielMania123 amy swinging by lilLilly :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 20 2


Playing with Plushies by pichu90 Playing with Plushies :iconpichu90:pichu90 60 7 Content by LittleLilac95 Content :iconlittlelilac95:LittleLilac95 7 2 Leg lift test (MS Paint) by LittleLilac95 Leg lift test (MS Paint) :iconlittlelilac95:LittleLilac95 4 0 Bottle In Bed by LittleLilac95 Bottle In Bed :iconlittlelilac95:LittleLilac95 3 0 Sleepy Doggie cuddle by LittleLilac95 Sleepy Doggie cuddle :iconlittlelilac95:LittleLilac95 5 0 sleepy snugs by LittleLilac95 sleepy snugs :iconlittlelilac95:LittleLilac95 6 2 Happy for a change by LittleLilac95 Happy for a change :iconlittlelilac95:LittleLilac95 4 0 Dance Practice by LittleLilac95 Dance Practice :iconlittlelilac95:LittleLilac95 5 0 Escape from green hill zone by funkyjeremi Escape from green hill zone :iconfunkyjeremi:funkyjeremi 9 5 Netherworld Dragon Sprites 2.0 by supaman2525 Netherworld Dragon Sprites 2.0 :iconsupaman2525:supaman2525 10 3 Netherworld Dragon Sprites 2 by TyrantChimera Netherworld Dragon Sprites 2 :icontyrantchimera:TyrantChimera 37 71 Sonic The Hedgehog (Hybrid) - 2015 Sprite Sheet. by Shinbaloonba Sonic The Hedgehog (Hybrid) - 2015 Sprite Sheet. :iconshinbaloonba:Shinbaloonba 105 26 Kimi - Playpen by OverFlo207 by OverFlo207 Kimi - Playpen by OverFlo207 :iconoverflo207:OverFlo207 30 0 CharChar - Zen the Fox Bab by OverFlo207 by OverFlo207 CharChar - Zen the Fox Bab by OverFlo207 :iconoverflo207:OverFlo207 20 2 Glaceon Maid by hinawashi Glaceon Maid :iconhinawashi:hinawashi 26 3 terriermon in alola by jirachicute28 terriermon in alola :iconjirachicute28:jirachicute28 118 9


DanielMania123 has started a donation pool!
30 / 1,000
Just wanted to how this will work Now that I can donate points and/or pay point commissions! If you like my art, feel free to donate if you're up for it, I guess.

And Please Donate To This Users Too!

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Daniel Anthony Noonan
United States
DanielMania Hexametric Form (ALT) by supertailx50

February 2019 Cal - Rocky Canyon Act 2 by DanielMania123
Need to zoom in? Click on the image to go to the deviation page.

Hello! I am Daniel Anthony Noonan. DAN for short, but call me Danny, please!
I have autism so I'm not much of a critic.
Please don't send any hate messages on me.

STAMP- The Savior's Cross by Kira-Ani-McGrath
I'm also a Christian!

Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinbraiN
Though not necessary, greatly appreciated!

I ONLY Roleplay when I feel like it!

I usually post sprite sheet and level sheets back in the days. Today I draw pictures featuring my Baby Bunny, Amy.
Amy (OC) by CRAZ1
Ref Sheet:
Feel free to draw my bunny in your work as well as my other OCs, but please link back the work after it is complete.
Yes you may draw my characters (Stamp) by Aviseya
For you sonic fangamers, and comic makers, If you like to use my sprites, hud's, and level sheets, be sure to give credit to not only me but also to the others listed in the credits list in their descriptions below them.
Thank You!

Also have a list of Sonic Fan Game Music Mods in this link;

No Requests by SweetDuke

I'm NOT taking those anymore. So could you please STOP asking already?


:iconddrarrowdownplz:Like ME on Facebook!:iconddrarrowdownplz:

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Eevee fan stamp by Shineymagic Eevee Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps Eevee stamp- Free for use by Pokepower888 Buneary Fan Stamp by Shineymagic Buneary Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps Ribombee - STAMP by YtFantasy Cream the rabbit stamp by migueruchan Cream fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehog Cream the Rabbit Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Don't Hate Cream Stamp by MoonWarriorAutumn :thumb586346188: ribbon stamp by SuperSmashCynderLum Chamametchi Love Stamp by tamagotchi I support Bijou stamp by Yum-Yum-Cookie Bijou Fan stamp by Atlanta-Hammy +Sonic Rush Stamp+ by Fuzon-S +Sonic Rush Adventure Stamp+ by Fuzon-S Sonic Colors Stamp by Dbzbabe BBBE Stamp by LightningChaos2010 Sonic Generations Stamp by Dbzbabe :thumb296575410: :thumb301539539: Pacman by ElyneNoir Pacman LOVE stamp by MithriLady Tetris Stamp by cirruswolf I Love Tetris by hope401 Tetris Love stamp by dazza1008 Coca Cola Stamp by pillze69 coca cola stamp by GoPurifyYourself Dorito Slut by KiranStamps MS Paint User Stamp by Matchstar :thumb246536754: NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz stamp for windows by kailor McDonald's Stamp by Lill-Devil-Melii Burger King Stamp by Lill-Devil-Melii KFC... -Stamp by geniefox STAMP: I love pizza by neurotripsy Nomnom Pizza Stamp by FlameSalvo FOOOOOOOD by stampsnstuff


Steam Stamp by badtrane
Steam Account: DanielMania123…


Stamp - Nintendo 3DS by byte-byte
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 1779 - 6056 - 4869

Nintendo Switch Stamp by TrippFoxx
Nintendo (NX) Switch Friend Code: SW - 4827 - 8584 - 9388


Violet Valley Zone
TADA! A WHOLE NEW SONIC LEVEL! Violet Valley Zone! A highly luscious flowery landscape garden surrounded by huge mountains, filled with unusually beautiful dancing flowers, Big Beanstalks, and all sorts of wild water pipe ways!
I stayed up all night long each And even spent through a whole week under heavy snow at home working on alot of the details all around here in this massive sheet with the help of my good friend, :iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip/Dolphman! Please give credit to me:icondanielmania123:DanielMania123, & :iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip/Dolphman if you plan on using this level!

Steam gardens - Super Mario Odyssey
Planet Wisp - Sonic Colors
Launch Base Act 2 - Sonic 3
Stardust Speedway Act 1 (Past) - Sonic Mania (Sonic CD)
Water Palace - Sonic Rush

:icongoncas23:Goncas for advance hilltop sprite piece
Shadowbot for Neo Green Hill Grass edited by :iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip/Dolphman
:iconsonicdash57:SonicDash57 for Emerald Hill side-wall tile pieces, Sandopolis hook, Launch Base act 2 pipe tiles & parts, water geyser sprite from Hidden Palace from Sonic 2 2013, Chemical drop ball & Zoom tube box from Chemical Plant, tower foreground from S1's Starlight Zone, Aquatic Ruin waterfall, Arrow signs from Marble Garden,
Roj for stone bridge from Chao Garden from Sonic Advance 3
:iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip/Dolphman for edited neo green hill grass, Hill Top gondola vine snap animation, 16 bit vines and beanstalk parts from Mania's Stardust Speedway, various plant sprites from Ristar,
:iconalex13art:Alex13Art for Tree & Bush from Sonic XG's Final Fall,
Divine Insect for log pillars from Collision Chaos Past
Roj for Stone Bridge from Chao Garden from Sonic Advance 3 with 16-bit colors by :iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip/Dolphman

Shadowbot for flower from Sonic Advance 3's Sunset Hill
Doc Melonhead for Time Flowers from Sonic CD
:iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip/Dolphman for flower parts
:iconsonicdash57:SonicDash57 for sonic spring coils, his Time flower parts
:icontechokami:Techokami for Botanic Base plants

:iconjebo14:jebo14 for sky & Sun background
:iconsonicdash57:SonicDash57 for Aquatic Ruin Mountains, Mushroom hill tree BG part, Marble Garden act 1 clouds BG part, Sky Santuary Clouds,
:iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip/Dolphman for resized Aquatic ruin Mountain BG, Ristar Stage 1 tree BG part, adding flower effects to Quartz Quardrant Past Grass BG part ripped by ToxicCastle,
:iconalex13art:Alex13Art for Maniafied Spring Yard Grass BG Part

:iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip/Dolphman for custom Badniks; Sun-Blade, Stabee, Blasturtle, Oinker, Grape-Bombs, & Bumpshroom
Sun-Blade - concept by :iconfunkyjeremi:funkyjeremi, Base by :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123, Edited by :iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip/Dolphman

:iconshinbaloonba:Shinbaloonba for Sonic Sprites
Mod. Gen Project Team for Tails, Knuckles, Amy, & Shadow sprites
Tails -…
Knuckles -…
Amy -…
Shadow -…
Deebs for Cream & Cheese Sprites…
:iconretrobunyip:retrobunyip/Dolphman for Mania Ring
Chaofanatic for sonic 3's fire shield used for Shadow's boost
HUD Sheet -

The Spriters Resource

Team S2HD - Creators of Sonic 2 HD
Custom Sonic HUD, Title Card, Results and More! 3
A Brand new HUD sheet out of the blue! I spent days working on this sheet! Hope ya like it! ;)
Please do give credit if ya plan on using this.

The Ranking system, Enemy Bonuses, Sonic's Boost Gauge, even the BOSS Act are optional. So you choose whether or not you can to add them your fangames. And the Red Border can be used for the title of the Sonic Fangame.
Another thing, This was NOT the only thing I was working in the past 2 months this year...

:iconfieryexplosion:FieryExplosion for Boss Health gauge from Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Forces HUD Colors
Cyb the Hedgehog for Sonic Battle Life icons
Used this as a base for the title card… while adding elements from Retro Sonic Nexus's title card

The Leaf Forest Zone
The Spriters Resource

This was posted on the day right before my birthday! :D
It's my birthday today!
Just a little friendly reminder that next week on January 15th is my Birthday!

just thought i let ya'll know i have my own it's NOT That i'm open for commissions or anything. i'm just putting this up 
 for the time being.

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