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Mother Earth by daniellesylvan Mother Earth by daniellesylvan
I'm not so happy with the hair, but I like the rest.

Please comment and critique.

I recently was cast in the musical Children Of Eden. That sparked this little creation here. Drawn while listening to the soundtrack.
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FrictionX42 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
Actually, I love the hair. I like especially that you incorporated it into the elements that are up there. Very nicely done. I think that the only critique I could offer on this piece is that some of the shading looks a bit odd to me.
ultimatede Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
sick picture. i especially like the tree coming form her hair and how the fire looks like little leafs that lit up. face is a little funny but otherwise awesome
Karyogui Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
its Gaia!!! x33333
i love it :3:heart:
DarkRaven22 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2009
Beautiful!! :clap:
luukie Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008
Lazy-ass but somehow still morbidly overzealous bulleted critique time! 8D;;

-Overall, the composition could be better; she's pretty centered on the page, so it doesn't lead the eye around the picture very effectively. The background could have some more detail to it, as well.

-She has maaaan proportions; her shoulders are supposed to be about the same width as her hips. D:

-On a similar note, if you didn't draw the body under the hair before you drew the hair on top, I will beat you with a STICK. Usually doing that solves any proportional problems that might crop up. (The drawing the body before drawing stuff on top of it dealie, not the beating you with a STICK thing. XD )

-Her face looks pretty flat, but I'm not sure if it's necessarily a technical problem. (AKA I'm not sure how flat people's faces can be without it becoming a medical problem. XD )

-I like the design on the green cloth-y thing. It's a nice touch. C:

-The shoulder on the right looks like it can be easily torn off and eaten like a drumstick, but that probably ties into bullet #1. XD

-The neck appears to be awkwardly attached to the head. I'd suggest finding a reference for the neck in profile.

-The upper arm appears to be curving the wrong way; if you'll go find a random person's arm, you'll find that no matter what muscles are bulging, the arm has a very slight curve inwards rather than outwards.

-The lower arm is also curving the opposite way of what it should be under natural conditions.

-The torso is awkwardly straight; there should be a more natural curve to it. It should also be a bit wider to accommodate for the shoulders.

-Her butt is HUGE. I mean, dude, MINE's not even that big! Her torso should definitely be widened to counter that. D:

-Her ear is very small and undetailed. I'd bet her schoolmates made fun of her for that. :C

-The water looks like hair; I think there needs to be broader shinies in that sense. (Might I suggest references? ;D )

-I'd very much suggest references for the fire. A quick search on Google Images can give you a very nice idea of what fire looks like. (Such as [link] , [link] , [link] , and [link] , and it took me less than a minute to find those images.)

-The hair could stand to be less detailed; it's far more believable if a certain strip or section of hair
is more crisp and detailed while the rest of the hair is a tad more unfocused.

-The hair also looks very drastically and randomly varied in length, but you could've been going for that effect so I can't really speak here.

-The crease in the back is a bit too emphasized, I'm afraid to say; it looks like her spine is missing instead of connecting the muscles of her back.

-The hands look very rough to me compared to the rest of the picture. Don't tell me you're afraid of hands! :C

-(Where's the tree coming from, BTW? D: )

-This one's not really too much of a problem (it's just me being anal), but the wind was very much hidden; I only realized it was there halfway through the critique. If it's a representation of the four elements, it might do the picture justice to give it a bit more emphasis.

Now it's time to put on my preachy hat! :icontophatplz:

It does not make one less of an artist to use references to find out what things look like! One is most definitely not expected to know and remember every detail of every form and object on their own. In fact, it makes one MORE of an artist to know the extent of their memory and when to use a reference instead of drawing upon that memory. (TL;DR- Referencing can make everything better.)

And even though you say the flipping-the-picture-horizontally-test thing doesn't work for you, I'd suggest trying to find a way to flip it so that it does- it really really helps, both proportionally and compositionally.

(And woah, I think I got carried away with the critique again- sorry if any of it sounds harsh! It's really late, which has a drunkening effect on me, and I'm a rather mean drunk. :C )
daniellesylvan Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2008
Aha, it's okay, I really appreciate that you put the time into critiquing all my work so much. It really does help, I don't mind at all.
I don't think I'm going to go back and touch up on this, but I'll keep alot of those things in mind, like drawing th body so that you don't beat me with a stick and such.
Btw, the tree is coming from her hair. All of the elements are supposed to be coming from her. Like, her hair turns into the clouds on the other side as well.
luukie Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2008
Oh! That's good; I'm always afraid that my critique is offensive. :C

Yees, taking measures to prevent being beaten with a stick is always good. ;D

Oooh, I see. That makes sense. >w<
3an Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008


Dude, as always, flippin amazing. The face... I dunno, it looks kinda weird. but omg, the rest is just like......... :eyepopping: so pretty!

-stares at the flames for a while-

imachrismoose Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Dude, that is so cool! Though, I think the face could use a little work. What are the little red/yellow things?
daniellesylvan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
imachrismoose Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Ah! It was kinda hard to tell, but now that you point it out, I can see it! Thanks!
wannabe-emokid Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
its awesome! and the hair isn't bad at all
Emerald-Skin Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
Oh stop will ya? The hair is AMAZING! Never beat yourself down, OK?;) BTW, how many other people do you know, that can do this kind of hair, and make it turn into branches of a tree?:)
Everything is perfect in my eyes:D
+I'm gonna fave cuz' I love the nature :love:
daniellesylvan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
Aw, thank you. : ) What I meant was like, I thought it looked a bit stiff, but hey, I'm always critical of my own work. >_< Thanks though! <3
Emerald-Skin Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
My pleasure;)
White-pine Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really love the shading here, her skin and the cloth around her body both look great. Her pose is nicely done as well, for the most part the anatomy looks good to me, the only fault that I notice is that her right arm seems to be longer than her left.

I also like how the different elements contrast with eachother, they dont seem too cluttered or awkward, but seem to flow more harmoniously.
It looks absolutely gorgeous, well done. :heart:
daniellesylvan Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008
Thank you very much. : )
Flaramage Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2008
This is a vary sweet peice of art
crazybeginner Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2008  Hobbyist Interface Designer
But i love the hair, nice concepts.
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