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Bolte Reflections

Bolte Bridge Melbourne Vic Australia. Taken at night long exposure.
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Image size
3844x2320px 3.27 MB
Shutter Speed
98/1 second
Focal Length
19 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 12, 2011, 11:12:14 PM
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Good evening,

My name is Peter Sawyer and I write on behalf of Phototuts+ ([link])

I would like to feature this image in an article I am currently writing about long exposure photography.
A link to the image, and the name of the piece would be given in the article.

Please let me know if you are ok with this ASAP.

Thanks Peter
daniellepowell82's avatar
that is fine :)

would love to see the article when its online :)
Rjet33's avatar
WOW! I haven't learned to do the long exposure thing yet. Any tips?
daniellepowell82's avatar
it is alot of fun best to go somewhere that has alot of city lights reflecting on water, also use a tripod and a remote, try at different exposures start at 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 10 seconds and see what works the best
Rjet33's avatar
I'll have to try that. Thanks!
ArwenArts's avatar
Impressive view! and composition is gorgeous as always ;)
karhit's avatar
very well captured
daniellepowell82's avatar
thanks good luck in that competition i saw your pics in there
WiDoWm4k3r's avatar
Lol that was an accident.. I Submitted to the wrong folder haha
daniellepowell82's avatar
the love it up australia most loved city i just voted for your entries [link]
WiDoWm4k3r's avatar
Oh that competition1 Yeah My mate entered, He is a payed Photographer, I was wondering how i'd stack up against him lol, I have no chance in winning, it's a bit of fun I guess, I do however need a new camera so winning would be nice haha, Did you enter it too?
daniellepowell82's avatar
yah i entered as well but mine are not on the site yet does it take time for them to appear? also which ones belong to your mate?
WiDoWm4k3r's avatar
Yeah It took a day for mine to appear, all the top rated ones are the ones that have been there since day dot.
His is this one [link]
He Does Night Clubs Photography usually
VioletDolphin's avatar
Wow! I love the way the light reflects in the water!
digswolf's avatar
Beautiful! I love the lights' reflections on the water, especially the ones from the boat near the middle
digswolf's avatar
you're welcome
Hermit60's avatar
Hi, Just wondering how you meter for these night scenes, do you meter for the whole area or spot meter the lights, or?????

You do excel at the evening night shots and when the summer does come here, I going to have a go myself.

daniellepowell82's avatar
thanks alot

what i do is i set my camera up on my tripod, set my camera to shutter priority mode then I put the shutter speed for 30 or 20 seconds when it is dark, sometimes i use flash and i use a wireless remote so i do not move the camera, you can try it at different shutter speeds depending on how light or dark it is
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