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The Lamb's Vision

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A sort of companion to the other BioShock Infinite piece in that they are complete opposites. Figuring out how to watercolor digitally was kind of fun.

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Original Tumblr post

Featured here on Gamespot's Artist Arcade and this article on Weemadaggie!

Edit: I am completely honored to have been shared by Irrational Games and BioShock's Facebooks and Twitter. Thank you everyone for the kind words and faves. <3
Irrational's tweet | Irrational's fb share | BioShock's fb share | BioShock Infinite's fb share
Edit (4.5.13): It's also being used as a promo for their Weekly Fan Art Roundup

BioShock Infinite, Elizabeth, Songbird © Irrational Games, 2K Games, Ken Levine

Lamb of Columbia by sapphire-featherWill The Circle Be Unbroken? by sapphire-feather
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Her spread out skirt looks lovely.
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This is really amazing, and I do want to get a poster just the link for the 30 x 20 isn't working.
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Oops! The link is fixed now. If the size poster you want isn't available let me know and I can put it up on the store.
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Great stuff!  Of course, we all know where this "vision" would have ended up as....
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Holy crap, incredible doesn't even begin to describe the awesomeness of this piece. It's gorgeous!
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That's pretty damn cool
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Damn fine work for a damn fine game. Great job!
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I think of heavenly realm differently > not silver/ light color but rather like in movie Avatar > more with bluish colors ....
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Grats on getting a shout out from Irrational Games via Twitter. This piece is just...Wow :O_o:
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This is fantastic!
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Fabulous piece of artwork :D Many congratulations
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Grats on getting featured by the Bioshock facebook page itself!
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Flawless work on this, I really love it :wow:.
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Polar-opposites! It just shows how many infinite ways there are in presenting something. This has a very dreamy quality to it and you applied the colour well to get the watercolour look you wanted.
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Thank you! I find style to be half the challenge when expressing a concept. It's just such an interesting topic in and of itself!
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