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A Rose By Any Other Name


"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." ~ Sir Francis Bacon

DA probably butchered it; download....

This is for :icontrinitywynette: and is for her use only. Everything about this Character is copyrighted to her, as well as the coat pattern.

Character Info:
Name; Maim
Gender; Mare
Breed; Gypsy Vanner x Spanish Mustang x APH x Arabian x Shire x Mustang x Andalusian x Danish Warmblood x Percheron x Thoroughbred
Coat Color; Perlino Dun
Markings; [red]Dun factor markings, app spots almost blood red in hue all over frame
Eye Color; Left eye red, right very pale blue
Mane&tTail; From the forelock to about half way through the mane the hair is red and then it fades to flaxen. Tail is flaxen and has red tips. [Ruby hair extension in the forelock.]
Persona; Maim is talkative and likes to be in control. She feels that if she controls her brothers she will hold great power in the future. She is a big flirt who in the future will use her body to get what she wants. She is protected by her brothers wiether they want to do it or not they are bound to her. It has yet to be determined if she holds more than a family bond to her brothers. She will be a sex crazed mare in the future. Her tongue can be sharp and cut you like a knife. She is never out of her brothers site. She can manipulate a situation if she wants too.

Hopefully I got her right enough for you Trin lol. I'm very fond of her color scheme and things like that and have high hopes she will be one of the greats of RLTW [link]

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Thanks Bef, it means a lot! :hug:
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Miss Maim is ohhhh so very Sexi! Just like her momma! haha

The picture to me screams.. I am in control whether you like it or not!

Also I'm sexy and we all know it! lmfao