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A happy ending



I bought a book on Kindle Fire for 2.99 because the cover intrigued me.  Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down.  It freaking made me cry.  It's called 'In the shadow of Blackbirds' By Cat Winters, and it's about a girl named Mary Shelly Black who get's sent to live with her aunt affter her father is arrested during 1918, (World War I was going on)  Her childhood love and pretty much best friend until he moved, enlisted and was shipped off to france.  Not long after she arrives in San Diego she finds out he died during the war, but after an attempted suicide from her, she start's  getting visited by his spirit.  And something doesn't seem right about what his spirit says.

Anyways this Mary Shelly Black and Stephen Embers, I wanted to do a picture of them, though I've doubt I've done Ms. Winter's book justice.

I was a little sad to see that there wasn't any fanart for it.  
If nothing else I might inspire someone good to do something for it. 
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Thank you for drawing this picture I actually got the book three days ago (i wanted to get it earlier so i could read what the picture was about) and I just finished it and it was AMAZING. I'm so happy you made fan art for it :)