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If you are looking for a good, high-quality marijuana concentrate, then the Delta-8 THC and CBD edible cartridges from Area is a great choice. These are two of the top-selling products in Delta-8's product line, which also includes various other concentrates, shatterables, and oils. I have been a customer of Delta-8 products for several years, and in this Delta-8 THC and CBD review I will share my experiences with these two products so that others can get a better feel for them.

First, let me tell you about myself and Delta-8 Hemp. I live in Southern California and work at home. I primarily smoke organic marijuana, because it tastes better and helps me relax more easily than solvent smoke. I enjoy all of the Delta-8 products, but especially the hemp oil. It has a nice, natural taste, especially when mixed with organic marijuana, but it also works as an amazing natural, non-psychoactive pain reliever.

In addition to Delta-8 hemp oil, Delta-8 also makes other wonderful products. I particularly enjoy their shatterables, the Hemp Cup, and their many different cartridges for ground and bottled cannabis. Their vapor rub has consistently given me the best clouds and tastes when it comes to smoking, and I use it every day to help me relax. I personally don't get high when I use the vapor rub, but it does make me feel relaxed and calm. Delta-8 also makes other very popular and helpful products like the Delta-8 THC and CBD edible, the Delta-8 THC patch, and their other inhalation products.

One of the most popular Delta-8 products is their shatterable hemp oil. When I first got my hands on this product, I was a little put off by the smell - hemp oil is a very strong ingredient, after all, and I wasn't sure how I could take it. But I was willing to try it, so I cracked open a bottle and started taking it for my morning routine. It's interesting that hemp oil has a smell similar to grapefruit - it has a sweet, sort of flowery smell. It definitely doesn't smell like marijuana.

It's hard to go through any Delta-8 product reviews and not be blown away by the great things the company does. The Delta-8 cartridges are great, and the company really stands behind them. They make a variety of cartridges and some of them have a higher price point. But there are also many budget-friendly Delta-8 products out there, too, if you're looking for something that will work for you. Delta-8 makes a very compelling product that works and feels great for most people.

If you're looking for a good way to start feeling better and having fewer side effects from your medication, maybe looking into Delta-8 is a great idea. With Delta-8, you get hemp oil, plus everything else that make the Delta-8 a solid product. This way, you won't have to worry about anything else but getting your medicine. Delta-8 will get you feeling better in no time, and you can make your own decisions about what type of product would suit you best. Visit to check for more d8 products.

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