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... Since I last posted a journal entry. The passed year has been filled with all the new experiences that comes with becoming a parent, and I haven't had as much time or energy to pour into my paintings as I would have liked to. Anyhow, I'm now officially on parental leave, which seem to be even more time-consuming. I'm gonna try to discipline myself and find time to paint whenever I can.

I don't know how many of my watchers read these journals, but I'd like to know if any of you would like me to maybe update these more often and write about my process and thoughts in general? I'm also wondering if any of you are following me on instagram/facebook. I tend to post wip-pics there if anyone is interested.

On the 10th of january 2014, I became the proud father of a boy. His name is Charlie, a future nuisance and referencemodel for my paintings.

Might produce less art for a while, but I'll be back in full swing eventually.

I can't help but to brag and show him off, so here is a link to a photo of him all fresh out of the oven:…
... By nightmare magazine. You can now read the article for free online. Follow the link:…
ůMegan Clarke aka

I chose Megans text because it illustrates her own personal journey into discovering my art and it's also a nice summary of what my art is all about.

- My favorite piece of yours to this day still has to be "The Slut". It was my first experience with your interesting, often filthy yet always fun art. You show this utterly adorable little deer in a minimal scene with beetles crawling about with what hit me at first as a shocking name. Of course being the curious person I am I decided I had to do a little further investigating of the artist behind such a whimsical piece. From there I discovered a gallery of strange and scary and beautifully artistic painting and illustrations that captured my eye. From the darling deer with a simple background to fantastical creatures and macabre renditions of pop culture I became engrossed. So if it weren't for that heart melting fawn sitting in a very suggestive manner (I mean Bambi basically had fawns with his half sister/cousin so I can see another meaning behind the slutty and naughty title) I would have never stumbled upon your wonderful gallery!-

I want to thank everyone who participated, it was very interesting and flattering to read your contributions. I'm sorry that I can't give all of you a portrait, but maybe you could can convince me to do something like this again soon.
... Is what I feel towards all the people who keep motivating me, here on DA, by following, favoritizing and commenting on my pieces. I do this stuff on my sparetime, but it is much more than a hobby. Expressing myself through art is what keeps me anchored in a feeling of selfworth and purpose. Recieving feedback and acknowledgement, in any shape or form, fuels me to throw myself into the next project. With your help I keep growing and getting better. For this I thank each and every one of you.

So... As a way to properly thank at least ONE of you, I am hereby announcing a small contest. The prize will be a digital portrait of the winner, something in the style of this one:…

In order to particapate, just choose your favorite piece in my gallery here on DA and write a little something about how the piece makes you feel and why it is your favorite. You can send your text directly to me either through DA or to my email:
The benefit of this contest is, i guess, mostly for me as I'll hopefully get some very interesting and motivating texts.
Last date to send in a text is on the 6th of march, that give syou about two weeks.

Good luck!
... And survived. I went skydiving this weekend. It was an act of solidarity for my girlfriend who got to go skydiving as well. It was a 30th birthday-present that I sprung onto her as a surprise just 20 minutes before we got on the plane. Mean and sadistic, it might seem, but I hate heights and was alot more scared than her. The feeling was amazing though.
I've been trying to describe the experience with words, but nothing really comes close. Translating it into a visual expression just seems more natural. As artists we can speak through images in universal languages. We can voice our experiences and emotions without being afraid of being judged because the message is never forced upon anyone. It just stays out there for anyone to pick up whenever and however they want. It's a communication between two parties that do not need to be in the same space or time. maybe I'll do a piece that's directly inspired by this event.

Anywayyyys... Check out the link to a video of the jump. I paid to have my girlfriend filmed, but my panicking redsuited butt is in there a little bit as well.…

Also, I moved into a new place a month ago, so I'm not homeless yet. The flat is huge compared to the old one, but it's further away from my studio, so I'll probably be doing more digital pieces for a while. Hope you don't mind.

Lately I haven't been blogging, posting art or making any other kind of noise. There are several reasons for that, but the main one is that I'm currently under a freelance-contract and making some digital pieces. It's secret and I don't get to talk about it or show anything and it's a bit different, both in style/theme and workprocess, from what I usually do. Also, I'm looking for a new apartment to live in, because I have to move out of the current one in 1,5 months, and that's even more stressful to me than the freelance-job. I haven't been sleeping all too well latelym due to all the emotional stress.
All I can say is that I look forward to getting back into my usual groove... Let's just hope I don't end up homeless.

Take care!
Yesterday was the opening of my art-show. I drank lots of wine and talked to alot of people. The general reaction seemed to be very good, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
It's such a hectic event to experience as an artist. You spend a year painting in a basement, isolated from social-life and the outside world, then right before the show you have tons of practical stuff to deal with and by the time the show opens you are already exhausted. Then you have to stand and talk about yourself to hundreds of people for hours and hours, and by the end of that you are just physically broken and your  mind is scattered and lost.
I did manage to capture a little video of the gallery and the paintings. While it doesn't show the paintings all to well, you still get a little peek at least. You can find the video via the
Me and my little yellow fríend Mortimer, put together this little videoclip in order to promote/celebrate my upcoming art-show. It's poorly done, but it's all good fun. Check it out via the link:…

I have alot of preparing to do for the art-show, as well as one last painting to finish, but I am really excited and can't wait for saturday to come. Feeding of all the feedback and the attention I get here, it's easy to apply myself to work harder. I always look forward to post new stuff, just to get the respons here on DA. Thanks for all the support!

Oh, my God! In 12 hours I recieved 30,000 views for "The babysitter" and I more than doubled the number of watchers. It's amazing how a  painting I made, with very little ambition, in a basement can generate this kind of response. For me, this is overwhelming and I'm almost exhausted from replying to all the nice comments.

The truth about the painting is that I actually disregarded andy ambition I usually have to do something that's gonna be challenging. I rejected any notion of pushing myself to venture into unknown territories. Instead I just wanted to do something that I knew I could do, and the result was "the babysitter". I simply resorted to what I know by heart and used the means and methods I found to be the easiest. Usually I don't allow myself to do that because I'm worried that I'll get criticized for it. Boy, was I wrong, hahaha!

Thanx to ALL of you who support me and make me want to create more art! I REALLY appreciate it!

In order to promote and build hype for my upcoming artshow I've been putting together some very modest videos featuring some cellphone-footage of animals in different settings/enviroments. My plan is to upload a new video every other week or so up until the actual show. Follow this link to see an

If you want to be a saint, and an awesome human being in general, then please help me out by sending me some clips of any kind of animal/insect. The quality of the footage doesn't matter. The clips can be short or long, I'll edit it so that it will fit my purposes. You can use a similar service) to upload material and then send the link to me here on DA or to my email:

I'll be very thankful for any contributions.
/Daniel Karlsson
This year has been less productive than the previous one, but I have managed to take my ambitions and skills further than I had expected. With my main focus on oilpaintings and an animal-theme,  the process has been slightly slower and a bit restricted. But it has been a great learning experience and right now I'm speeding my workprocess up with acrylics just so I can produce a few more paintings for my upcoming exhibition at the end of march.

I'm also very thankful for all the comments and all the attention that my art has gotten here on DA. My blogspot has, after 2 years, something like 5 followers. My profile on DA has in 3 months gathered 300+ watchers, which is something I'm truly happy about. I never thought I'd get this much inspiration and motivation from DA, it's all a wonderful surprise.

Next year I'll probably apply(again) for artschools as well as other kinds of programs/courses. I haven't given up on it yet. I promised myself, right after my mother died a few years ago, that I would start taking my art more seriously and try to develop my skills. I thought that I rather give it a go and fail trying, than to never have tried at all and remain curious as to what could have been. It's not about success or recognition of any sorts, it's all about selfexploration and discovering my own abilities and my own voice. I'll continue to do so in 2012 and I hope that you'll all keep on watching and encouraging me. For now I will leave you with this:…

Happy New Year!!!
It's been about 3 months now since I became a member here, and I have to say that I´m really happy with the experience. The motivation I get from the attention, as well as all the responses and feedback, is really helping me create more and better stuff.
I was given a 3-month premium membership almost right away when I signed up. Don't know who gave it to me because the donator was anonymous, but it was either a really nice fan or DA trying to get people hooked with "free samples".
Anyways, my premium-membership is almost up and I probably won't renew it, because I doubt that it will affect me and my interaction with DA(or will it?).

But I still have great things on the horizon. I'm slowly switching away from oils and moving back to acrylics again. I can't start any new oilpaintings now because my exhibition is about 3 months away and I don't want to risk having paintings that haven't dried properly. Also, I produce at a higher rate when working with acrylics and I would like to have around 20-30 paintings for this exhibition(last time was my first time and I went overboard with 40+ paintings). I have been clinging to a theme in my paintings(those who are meant to be in the exhibition) since april, and it's been fun and a great learning experience. I'm really excited and eager to show you the piece that I think is the most ambitious I ever made. It might not be the greatest or the best(that's a matter of taste), but as a technical achievement it's probably the most impressive I've produced so far. It features a tiger, and those of you who have been following my blog probably know it. I hope to show you in a week or two when I added the last few tweaks.

Thanx to everyone who keeps adding favorites from my gallery and commenting on my pieces. I really, really appreciate it.

I just added 2 pics into my scrapbook. One is a crappy painting I did last week that I'm not happy with and therefor I won't post it anywhere as a official "piece". The other pic is process-photo of a painting. I usually post pics of the paintings in process on my blog, but I realise that I´ll get more feedback here so I'll try to post them in my scrapbook as well from now on.

Yesterday  I booked a date for my next exhibition which will happen in March next year. It was pretty much decided already, but in order to pick up the pace I had to really make it official with the gallery. I learned quite alot last time at my "debut", and this time I'm gonna try to make the pieces more accessible in terms of size and price. I rather sell more pieces and get rid of them than having them standing around in my small flat where nobody sees them.

Puss & Kram
(kisses & hugs)
Two weeks have passed since I joined and I feel like I have gotten the hang of it now. It's a very rewarding and addictive experience. Though I still don't understand EVERYTHING. What's with the lamas?
So far I have actually sold one print and had one of my pieces chosen as a daily deviant. The DD thing really exploded onto me and that day I was overwhelmed by the attention and feedback. It's a great experience and I can really see this place becoming a permanent source of inspiration for me.

As of right now I have a few projects going and I hope to share them soon enough.

Yeah, so here I go. I'm starting up my deviant art profile, mainly because I want more feedback and attention, but also to make new friends who like art.
I haven't really figured out how everything works here, but I'll give it a shot and I'll soon post more stuff.
If you have any tips or some quick info to give me about how to work this site/community to my advantage, then please go ahead.