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Combine Mini-gunship

Based on the Half-life 2 universe

In tight urban areas, it is difficult for Combine gunships to penetrate those hard to reach areas. This agile synth does the job of flushing out rebels from their hiding places. Built compact and light, the minicopter can navigate easily through crowded cities. It can change directions with ease with its duel rotating blades.
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Awesome design, dude.
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How big would it be?
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Do you think you could say about how big it would be in your description? To be honest, when I first saw the picture, I thought it would be a larger form of gunship.

I think this is awesome either way! Great idea, and amazing artwork!
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This looks like a the unidentified synth, gunship,mortar synth, and hunter-chopper combined with strider textues.
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Thank you, thank you. I'm here all night.
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I always thought that combine synths could have babies, but I guess that the flying synths (gunships, advisor pods, dropships) are able to fly away from the suppresion field and "have secret fun" over where the combine cant see.
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accualy, the synths have there genatailea removed, simalar to the stalkers of half life
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Nice idea... I had an idea of a synth with the body of a chinook chopper, but 2 of the dropship jets for engines, the cockpit for the head, 2 strider heads for turrets on the front, one on the back, and a rope for combine to use.
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Cool organic technology.
MalletMann's avatar
Maybe it could have the Hunter color scheme. And not take five rockets to shoot down.
REV6Pilot's avatar
Tough to take down with bullets, but gravity gun makes short work of them? Considering it has about the same base idea as the Hunter...
danieljoelnewman's avatar
Haha, actually, that is a pretty good idea. The hunter's colors are one of my favorites.
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The gunship's textures are amazing, you gave a lot of attention to subtle details. Nice job.
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thanks, I'm surprised the textures came out as good as they did.
BalduranDeArnise's avatar
It's fantastic! :)

Although i have two complaints:
first - he looks like he can barely move his head.
second (less serious ;) ) - you could try to make him different from the original gunship, like a different assimilated species or something ;)
danieljoelnewman's avatar

1. Yeah, here is my poorly crafted excuse: The dark grey fleshy part is more flexible then the tan shell-like regions. In spite of this, this poor guy does suffer from severe neck pains.

2. Yeah, I could...But I'm pretty lazy...Unfortunately
BalduranDeArnise's avatar
If it's flexible, this means it's not very resitant (Weak point, but could be a size 'defect' ;) )

Maybe next time, i just love to see new things like this :D

But either way - it looks really great
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I'm out of rockets!
*runs away*

Wish I bought the Orange box instead of the box of Oranges.

Great job with this.
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