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hi everyone. i know i am not the easiest person :)

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hi everyone. i hope your all well and keeping safe. i hope you all have nice summer. but i am sorry for this. but i justed want people to know why i find it hard sometimes to chat and talk. and why i fav. but i dont mean to be a bully or fav lot. i just like most art. form general to mature.. i am feeling a bit mixed right now. and i feel i need to get some off my chest. i am sorry/. i been getting a lot of negatively on da latery i dont know why. sad to say. . for being me being bullied on da and having odd things said and posted and comments. i seem to be getting a lot of negativity lately. it is very strange. normal have stuck a happy time on her. i never been bullied on the internet before . never thought it would follow me here to da. but they are sad to say they are. bugging me. sad to say and it hurts.. i think i know who is be hind it. but i cant be 100 percent sure. at this time. but i do struggle a lot i know that ,x trust me i do know. thanks. from my own
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Hi Everyone happy Easter, my dear friend is doing

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hi everyone my dear friend is doing a 40 plus slot image on your own YHC. and is very happy to see it completed. but he needs your help to get the 40 plus slots completed. please follow the links to the image and to this account. and the discord where you can find your own personal slot in this wonderful image. just let to know the image will be mature and will be around a adult subject. please find more details below. i hope your all well. and keeping safe and i hope you all have a nice day and a nice weekend and a very happy Easter. good holidays to all. the slots will be available in the next few hours. i will keep you posted. but please feel free to message them for more details if at all interested. https://discord.gg/7nHuKe5uHC https://www.deviantart.com/quakehoof
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Hi everyone i hope your all well. a cry for help

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Hi there everyone one. I hope your all keeping well and safe. And staying at home or best you can. And keeping you and your family and friends safe. I to is finding these times hard. but many of us are to be honest, but i know money is still sort and hope thing will get better. but a good friend of mine is struggling, i was wondering if any of you can share or repost or do a journal or spare any spare coins please. i am sure she would be very appreciate and be so grateful. please share if you have the time. which many of us do. please have a nice day and nice evening. and i wish you a nice weekend. I know times are hard as well as uncertain
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Thanks for the like.

Thanks for all the faves, Sweetie

Thanks for favoriting my story.

thanks for the fav :hug:

Thank you!!!

thank you for the favs

wish I could fly like a bird

:wave: thanks a lot for the :+fav: :tmnt4: