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If you’re here because you like my art, you should know that DeviantArt only gets an occasional post compared to my other outlets. If you wanna see what I’m really up to, hit my instagram.

If you wanna chat it up or watch it happen, catch me streaming on twitch.

And if you wanna support or just get some free art, be sure to check out my Patreon.

I don't usually post journals but sure why not. Thanks for tagging me ZombieErnie .

First, the fine print:
1) please re-post the rules and questions!
2) answer at least 5 of the questions!
3) tag as many people as you know, there is no limit! (just tag someone QwQ)

Questions for the artist:
1) why do you draw/paint?
2) what do you draw/paint, and why?
3) how long have you been creating art, and what sparked your passion?
4) what forms of art block do you usually get?
5) what causes your art block? how do you try to break the block?
6) what/how do you wish you could draw/paint, other than what you draw/paint now?
7) who are the artists that inspire you, and why?
8) do you like drawing for others, or just yourself? or both?
9) do you like the artistic style that you have created? why or why not?
10) small challenge! post a "then and now" picture! an artwork that you created in the beginning of your artistic journey compared to how you draw now!

Good? Good. Let's rock.

1) I can't imagine not doing it. It's just part of who I am, but I imagine every artist knows that feeling.
2) Mostly character art. It's the stuff I grew up inspired by and now the stuff I'm most comfortable with, but lately I've been trying to break out of my bubble.
3) All my life. I started off copying my older brother but then he moved on from it and I didn't.
4) I don't get a ton of art block anymore. I've worked through it enough that it's now a much smaller issue. Even still when life forces me to go too long without drawing I really have to shake the rust off before I feel comfortable creating again.
5) Kinda answered this in question 4. :)
6) I wish I could do ALL OF THE THINGS! But I've learned to be excited about my own art and the natural directions it takes me. I spent too long trying to change my art too be like others.
7) Too many to name. If I'm following them or I've favorited any of their art then they inspire me.
8) Both. I love doing commissions, especially ones where the client leaves me a lot of freedom to really do my thing and wow them.
9) I do! It's still evolving. I'm excited about where I've come and excited about where I'm going!
10) I'll try to remember to post those later!
The full list of commission prices can be found here.….

Send me a message or post here or on facebook and Ill respond as soon as I can.
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We hit $4000!

Thats right! Our Kickstarter for our comic Hit! has officially hit our first stretch goal! With just 4 days left, this is a fantastic chance for all you opportunists, and those who just havent gotten around to donating.

Thanks to all the support we've received so far, now everyone who donates $15 or more will receive a copy of Hit! amongst other things.

Remember! Theres only 4 days remaining so if you've been putting it off, now is the time! Spread the word!
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Wow! I'm floored. These last few months have been a roller coaster of ups and downs, mostly ups, and now to continue the trend 1 of my pieces was selected to be in the upcoming Megaman Tribute Artbook. I put a lotta time and thought into several pieces and so between now and the release of the book I'll be posting all my submissions that did NOT make the cut.

The Street Fighter and Darkstalkers tributes were both so impressive. So many amazing artists contributed and while I was not fortunate enough to make either of those I'm proud to be a part of this one. I've been a Megaman fan since the NES and Im so glad I get to share my love for the series with so many people.

The pieces will be in my gallery, but I will also edit this post to show them all as I post them.

Blue Bomber Rules!

First Submission::

Second Submission::

Third Submission::…

Fourth Submission::
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New Year. New Presence.

Started the year completing my first Art Trade.lot of fun. Right now I'm finishing up my entries for the Mega Man Tribute  Contest, but I'm lining up Commissions and Art Trades as well. All prices are negotiable. Mwssage me and we'll talk. :D
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Not sure about taking commissions but I'm thinking about it. If anyone is interested send me a note. :)
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I don't usually journal here. I'm too scattered to keep up multiple blogs, but here goes another attempt. I'm currently in the middle of week 4 of my latest push towards artistic growth. I'm studying and drawing daily and definitely getting better.

The internet is such a fun tool, in that I've watched so many artist grow and become so hugely talented. I'm super excited to have made it through 3 weeks and hopefully 4 in a couple of days. ;)

The original goal was 20 weeks. Man that seems like such a long time, 5 months.
Onward and upward!
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Im gettin lots of exercise these days in a lot of different areas. Illustration, Web Design, Print work, but starting sunday Ill be getting back into the physical exercise. The new Ultimate Frisbee season is startin up.

Time to get back in shape. :)
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