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So, I guess it's only fair to write a Journal to let you People know that I'm still alive.

There is no real reason for me not being very active right now. Well, no really GOOD reason anyway. The truth is that right now I'm simply not motivated to go outside and take new photos. And with all the work I'm somewhat busy. It's a shame, but right now I just don't feel like getting my ass off the couch and do something about it. I know that I already missed a lot of golden oportunities, but hopefully autumn will help me to get over this photography-blues.

Till then: Have fun and enjoy your life!
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So yeah, I'm not dead or anything. Just A: Really busy and B: we had no decent weather for two months straight now. It's truly maddening. If this goes on, I might have to go back to making water-drop-photos because landscape right now is pretty much hopeless. The sky is just a gray, undefined mass, no contrast at all.

How am I supposed to work with that, huh?
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Star Wars!

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So yeah, I thought it's time for a new Journal. I know that pretty much NO ONE reads my journals and even less care about them, but I just create two or three fake-profiles and pretend that someone else is talking to me. The best friends are those that live inside your own head, right?

Anyway, watched Star Wars and what can I say? I really like it. It's a really good movie. Not as good as Sharknado 3, but still pretty solid.

Honestly, when I saw the hype-train I already knew that I wouldn't like the movie. But in the end I have to say JJ Abrams did a very good job. And that's coming from someone who has 50+ novels from the expanded universe. And even though I despise Disney from the depths of my heart: I'm looking forward to the other movies. The MAIN movies, not the countless spin-off's they're gonna throw at us.

I really like the characters (especially Finn) because they're not hard-copies of the old cast. And I have to admit: BB-8 is far more funny than R2-D2. Oh, and I really dig the new design of the Stormtroopers. Might sound odd but this new bulky design Looks awesome to me. And even Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, what can I say...I like the fact that they're not going for Vader 2.0.

But of course we all know that Star Trek Beyond will be far superior to this movie. Harr Harr. Trekkie for live!

So, anyone thinks that I'm a total idiot because I like that movie?

Also, here's a major spoiler:




The Stormtroopers are actually evil!
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I rarely share my thoughts on the Internet. Because A: I don't think that anybody cares. And B: I don't think my thoughts are very interesting. So if you think: "Oh noes, not another internet-rant!" then just close the window and do something productive. Like picking your nose or something...
But just a few days ago I saw something that...well...could be the worst commercial in the history of Commercials. Not because it's idiotic. Not because it treats us like mindless sheeps that only exist to consume stuff (99,9% of all commercials do that). No, it's the blalantly Level of retardation we have reached.

Now I have studied media education, so I'm somehow interested in how commercials work. And of course I think todays commercials are complete and utter bullshit. But that's also the reason why I'm not rich and we get shitty commercials. But this specific commercial...wow...this one takes the cake!

I'm talking about the new Microsoft Windows 10-commercial. In case you haven't seen it (if you live under a ROCK)

Link in case the video isn't working: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUdzxR…

Now what is so bad about this commercial? Aside from the fact that it treats us like a retard? Perhaps that it could be a commercial for free medicare. Or some aid group. You know, those useless folk who actually HELP PEOPLE!

But not Microsoft, no Sirs! "These kids will never have to remember a passwort, because their smile while be enough".

...are...you...fucking...KIDDING ME?!

It's basically: These Kids will never now hardship, hunger, war and Syphilis because Windows 10 has arrived to help us to emerge from our self-imposed immaturity (Kant-quote for the win!)

Now I know: Microsoft didn't make that commercial. They paid some overpriced media Company to do it for them. But for FUCK'S SAKE, next time don't re-write an add for UNICEF!

It's bad enought that Apple is it's own church and Amazon wants to conquer the world, but the future of the children everywhere will not get better once we all bought Windows 10!

And before you ask: I'm probably going to get Windows 10 next week, but with a fist full of rage. Now who's the victim, huh Microsoft?

And yes, I totally want a Xbox One, thanks for asking!

So: do you have any commercial that makes or made you gag? I would totally like to know.
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I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

Well, actually you can.

I made some room for new camera-equipment by selling old stuff I don't need anymore. Most is already gone and I got more cash than I expected. Which is great, because that'll mean that lovely Zeiss-lens will be mine very soon.

Still got some thing left and since there are some macro-enthusiasts here on DA I might ask around before I go to my local camera-shop to trade them in.

I'm selling a Canon MP-e 65mm macro-lense with 5x magnification and a Nissin MF18 macro-flashring. Both are in top-notch condition (barely used I might add) and the lense comes in it's original box. The Nissin has it's own plastic-container and several adapters for different lenses. Bought them in April last year.

My reason for selling is: I simply don't need them. And I never really managed to master the beast. Mostly because I didn't care that much. Still, you can make some pretty awesome things with it, here are two examples of photos taken with the MP-E 65mm.

Stubenfliege by DanielHeydecke  Round around the edges by DanielHeydecke

I paid 1000€ for the lense and 250€ for the flash-ring. Now I'm offering them for 700€ for the lense and 150€ for the flash-ring. If you take both, you get them for 800€. And no, I don't haggle. Take it or leave it, it's pretty much the same my camera-shop is offering me (because they know I'm going to re-invest it right away).

But since there are many people around here who actually do macro-photography I thought: "Why not? Maybe someone here want's that lense". If you're interested, you can write me a note or answer to that journal.

This probably doesn't make lot of sense if you're from the USA or anything else but Europe, since the it's 1000$ new on Amazon (which would be roughly 850€), but maybe if you're from Europe it's a good deal for you. If not: Just ignore me.

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