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April 12, 2011
Suggester's words: I'd never have guessed how those captures are made. [Tutorial by *Stoppelbart] is an amazing tutorial and explained it very well!
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I got a bunch of notes on how I made this photo: [link]

And while you're at it: [link]

So I decided to make a tutorial. I don't know if it's useful. Let me know if you have some use for it...and if not, not.

Hit the download-button for fullsize. But beware, it's quite big.

Edit: HOLY CRAP!!! A DD?!

I should probably say something cool or inspirational in this moment, but my brain just went offline...

Thanks to all the comments and favs, I will come back to you, I promise. When I made this I didn't thought it had any use at all. Maybe I have to rethink my standarts...

If you use this tutorial, please send me a note. I would love to see your version and I would like to link it to the tutorial. But it's your choice of course.
Here are some examples of peoples who used it:

:iconbaileysmomentsintime: [link] [link]

:icondarkcalypso: [link]

:icon12gsuper: [link] [link] [link]
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Nice job breaking down the steps and photographing them. :camera:

Beautiful! :heart: