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A steampunky keyboard mod inspired by Rampkins buccaneer ([link]) and the works of Jake van Slatt ([link]) and Datamancer ([link]).

This fully functional mod is built from a fairly cheap Cherry RS-6000 rubber dome office keyboard, surrounded with more elaborate trappings. The case is built from african wenge wood (I know it's endangered, bought it from a certified store), the keys are made from brass tubing, sawed to length and filled with wooden cores glued to the stems of the original keys. The faceplate is made of plywood covered in leather. Total weight is about 2-3 kg, which amounts to a rather hefty installation, suitable for any executive desk.

I started this project alone, but recruited my wife and sisters to help get it done for my father's birthday (fortunately, my parents went on a vacation so we had some additional time). Due to their help, I can't really put a number on the total build time, but I'd estimate it at the higher end of 50-100 hours.

A detailed build log can be found on my blog at www.teamliquid.net ([link] and following).

If you have any more comments or questions, feel free to post them here.
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Very nicely done! I hope your father liked it!
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DanielHetbergHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, he did! For a while, he actually used it in the office, but after a while the keys started to stick and he's now back to using a regular keyboard.
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That's a ity, because it looks awesome! But at least it worked some time and he liked it :D
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I'm throwing money at the screen, but nothing is happening.
Could you make annother one so we could buy it (NOT in african wenge wood, please)? I would LOVE it!
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DanielHetbergHobbyist Traditional Artist
I've been asked about prices or selling of my stuff before, but the truth is, because of the tons of time you put in something, it would have to be so expensive no one could afford it anyway. So I keep making stuff for myself or to give away.

If you're generally interested in acquiring an artistic keyboard mod, I can only urge you to check out [link] . Datamancer produces these in outstanding look and quality, and the prices are more competitive than anything I could ever offer (due to his expertise and "mass" production workflow).
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DanielHetbergHobbyist Traditional Artist
My father took it to the office, and he told me he's writing on it. Actually, he's got two keyboards hooked up, but at least for the time being, he prefers the fancy one. When I last tried it (testing phase), I typed at my normal speed and only the space bar didn't work as expected.
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it looks awesome, but is it practical? (natural to write with)
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