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The Flash

By danielhdr
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The Flash.
I make this sketch on the Dinamo Studio Booth inside event Animextreme 2008 - 2nd edition).

Flash © DC Comics
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© 2008 - 2020 danielhdr
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SmullyProfessional General Artist
Great job!! I made a version of my own. check it out:
The Flash (Colour)
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xXxSheLovesHexXxHobbyist Photographer
Nice drawing :)
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CyHasArtHobbyist General Artist
Hey Daniel, I cannot express how amazing your work is. In fact I love this particular piece of The Flash so much I'd love to get it tattooed on myself in the future. But, seeing as you are the artist, I only want to do with your permission. So with your permission may I please get your image of the Flash tattooed on me? If so I cannot thank you enough. If not, I completely understand and I thank you for your time and just for reading my comment. It really means a lot.
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theartestfromhellHobbyist Traditional Artist
barry or wally? beautiful work either way.
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I love this it makes me happy that i'm a nerd and people also are a nerd.
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Great pic.
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zoom zooom
TOMCAVANAUGHProfessional Writer
Hey... I used a thumbnail to link this piece to a Journal entry I wrote on MARVEL vs DC! This is great work!! I can't post the link, but if you go to my page and look at my Journal you'll see a thumbnail of this art. GREAT WORK! THANKS!!!
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Can I use this in my next youtube video? I will post your name in the credits if you say yes.
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ORIGINZartHobbyist General Artist
Love it man! The best superhero there is!!!
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I'm assuming from the belt that this is Barry. Fantastic piece here.
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Wow this is very well drawn!!
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ikr i just drew it right now
hahahaha wana b friends ill add u
EREX94's avatar
On DA sure:D
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rubersoulbrittHobbyist Interface Designer
supa cool!!! Bl :ninjabattle: :spyed:
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Awesome work dude!
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when i see the Flash i see Ryan Reynolds :D
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I really like this. Nice job!

By thy side,

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AnimeWolf13Student Digital Artist
I love this dude!!!! He is my sodalite favorite!!!!!!!
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