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Domari, the Kingdom of Mountains

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The Kingdom of Domari is an old one. It is inhabited mostly by dwarves who build their homes in the mountains and on the highest peaks. With its isolated towns and cities, it does not have a renowned infrastructure, or at least not to the outside world. Some humans have settled in the border regions of the kingdom. They are part of the kingdom of Domari, but in effect don’t deal with the dwarven authority and are mostly autonomous communities.

On the highest peaks of the Domart mountains are the dwarves settlements. These cities consist of large stone structures that impress even the greatest builders in the world. It’s not often that people come to see and appreciate this craftsmanship though.

The dwarven cities are hidden away deep in the mountains and hard to reach. To paths that lead through the mountains are dangerous and, to most people, unknown. 

It is rumored that between the dwarven cities is an extensive network of mines and tunnels that connect them to each other. These would allow for quick navigation around the kingdom, but can be dangerous if one does not know the way. Get lost, and you might never find the way out. 

Let you players explore dangerous paths and find the stubborn dwarves that have hidden themselves away in Domari, the Kingdom of Mountains. 

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arsheeshHobbyist Digital Artist
Really nice work.  Cool map icons and great colors.  I've become accustomed to seeing your work at smaller res on social media so it's nice to get a closeup look at one of your pieces.

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Excellent, great mountains and forest.
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Sharklord1Student Traditional Artist
Is this a fantasy world you're making or is it something from another story? I'm very interested in it.