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Temeraire, Celestial

By DanielGovar
Temeraire and William Laurence from Naomi Novik's series of novels of the same name.

Photoshop CS3 color to Pen and Ink version here:

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read the first book today and this is like I imagined him to be. wow!
DreadDaora's avatar
Reminds a bit of what Shruikan should have been like had his original Rider been still alive and kicking. Protective and brave with a bit of the ruthlessness he would have in a battle.
AtlasArtifex's avatar
Omg I LOVE your style
JoeSketchConcepts-DA's avatar
THAT!.... Is a giant dragon.
I mean.... that one dragon rider on the ground is JUST LIKE a navy captain of a United states aircraft carrier.
he does not control everything about the dragon/aircraft carrier,
but he can direct its terrible power at any of his enemies!! this is epic.
Airswirlseternal's avatar
Very elegant. I like the detail, and you've done a lovely job of capturing Temeraire's character in his face I think :clap:
Master-Kankuro's avatar
I just finished to read the entire series and am looking forward the next release in this July.
Your illustrations are MAGNIFYING!!!
My daughter has a copy of this, you signed it and it is one of her most treasured items. She got it from C2E2 two years ago and you even signed it for her....She loves it.  Last year you did not have any of the dragons...This year, actually tomorrow, at the C2E2 she is looking for you again to see what you have.   She loves your work and how it sort of defines how she sees the dragon.....
Ahh, yes! Our treasonous duo all kitted out for a bit of the old ultraviolence. Huzzah! And well done.
luruco's avatar
wenn smauk in der hobbit schon so gut animiert ist warte ich freudig auf die verfilmung der temeraire bücher
echt klasse syncro und effekte

Kamil96's avatar
I want one of them! So beautyfull creatures...
Really amazing work.
TheWhiteRaven8's avatar
Wow. 0.0 I never realized just how big he was.
luruco's avatar
maximus can eat 1 cow in onece
luruco's avatar
what you mean
TheWhiteRaven8's avatar
I was surprised. I don't know what the other thing is either.
SeekHim's avatar
I'd love to be able to ride something like that!

GOD bless
John 3:16
therealsplashdragon's avatar
im not sure, but temeraire seems too wise on this pic ..
I'm not sure if ths dragon is my favorite out of your gallery. Maybe another mght top it. Great details! :hug:
SilkenWinds's avatar
Beautiful!! I think you got the size right most of all :3
AngryTurian's avatar
Love these books, and love this picture, great work!
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