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Necronomicon Page

By DanielGovar
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A page from the Necronomicon - Created for a comic I've been working on with SyFy's ZNation Co-creator Craig Engler, with a cover by the ever awesome Lewis LaRosa and colors by Mat Lopes. We give you LOVECRAFT which is now live on Kickstarter! 

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I think you made a translation error.
In the fifth sentence it's "*five* spoonful of flour" not "two", s'phrrl instead of s'phrrt.
I you knew how many people ruined a perfectly wonderful cupcake recipe with errors like that.
And you even have the handwritten copy of star cook Ben'ben'ben S'hra'qhrrq! With his PICTURE!!!
I heard they cost an arm and a leg and some souls, hahaha.
But really, the five-two error was the only thing I could spot, and don't get too hung up about the constellation of the stars.
Even when they are a bit out of alignment it's not the end of the world, hahaha.
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Is it bad that I used to draw symbols like this as a kid? Discord Emoji - Thinking 
Hi, what exactly means that page? 
How did you make this? Was it with a pen/quill, or with a computer? was it all by eye, or with tools, etc.?
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You should make at least 1 more of these awe inspiring pages. Congratulations on your lovecraftian comic
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Good, now do a thousand other ones and bind them all together in an ancient tome!
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I give it a 10/10- would definitely enjoy going mad reading this!
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Wow great work. it's wonderfull.
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great detail - great twisted feeling of dark magic and secrets better left alone!
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thank you! You're too kind :)
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Absolutely lovely!
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oh dear, what have you been reading?
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