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Natty Ubuntu by danielfsousaa

By danielfsousa
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This theme is inspired in the new ubuntu called “Natty Narwhal”.
POP Icons by IND190
© 2011 - 2021 danielfsousa
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伪C6固件装了之后,没有全透明,显得很别扭。anyway thx
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С6-00 (s60v5): "File corrupted"... ((
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woow, nice, thank you)!
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It's the Greatest Theme i've ever seen... Fav'd and Used but could you make one for N97 mini? (Calls and Contacts are different see: [link] )
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It's difficult because i don't have one to test, but I will try ;)
Comrade-xCommunistx's avatar
I also looked again, you don't need to make it because it works 100% even with my N97 mini but Thank YOU for Uploading such beatiful Theme! It would be nice if you do one about Oneiric Ozelot when it comes out...
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Thanks! Yes, I will do!
Comrade-xCommunistx's avatar
Oh, at least if I am not annoying you i want to ask with which Program you do these?
I do know a Program near to this but i forgot the name...
Comrade-xCommunistx's avatar
Yeah, that's what i had in Mind, thank you!
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Is it ok with E-series?
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great work, thks
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Please, create for S60 2nd Edition, FP 2!
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I think it will work on FP2
Can you try?
I have just a s60v5, it's difficult to create for others because I can't test
raymanrush's avatar
Nope, it does't work. I tried v3 & v5, my phone said "File corrupted". It's a 8.x version of symbian, and modern themes are not suitable.
If the porting will be difficult, I do not insist.
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I don't know how to port to s60v2 sorry :(
It's great, thanks for your share
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Hi, here are some issues:
- Sometimes, font is black and wallpaper is black - not visible
- try to use ubuntu font instead of comic, or what you use there..
- maybe a violet background in menu, and ubuntu wallpaper in rest

If you'll make this project open source, I can help you to make this theme better :)

then we can extend it - elementary, faenza, etc.. :)
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