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For work requests and licensing my work, please contact me on my email address:

Reason for that is the chance, that I read messages on deviantart, is almost zero percent.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Hey guys, how is it going?

I let you know now that I have redesigned my website. At the same time I am proud to announce that I have launched my Gumroad page with released art packs and wallpapers. Those packs include wallpapers, layered .psd files and progress videos(without commentary) in realtime speed.

So if you like my artworks I would be very happy for your support.

See ya. :)


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Hello guys, soon I will share my art with you via Gumroad. I have set up my profile a while ago but haven't uploaded anything yet. Soon the time will come:D
Things I will share are layered PSD files of my artworks, photoshop brushes, photo textures, abstract textures, videos in realtime speed. I will implement the uploads on Gumroad into my own website, so that you will be able to get it there as well^___^


Oh and check out my artstation profile:…
There I have delicious nebula skybox wallpapers I did for the game Shallow Space^^
Go and get Shallow Space here:

Here are some of them:

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Hello guys, wanted to share something cool coming up this fall :)
A stragety RPG space game called: Shallow Space

check out the latest video from the creators:

Check out their website and follow them, they are doing an amazing job!………
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Please watch, read and share this, because it could destroy the future of creative professions!!!……

PS: If that is going to happen then I will get deep doubts of humanity!
Hello folks, I am at Society6 now and offering my artworks as prints, phone cases, laptop skins, wall clocks, throw pillows, t-shirts and more... :)

Come by to my gallery at Society6 and have a look :D

Thank you for visiting^^

Like my Facebook page:)…

Follow me on:…

And subscribe my Youtube channel:D…

Some time-lapse demo videos from my youtube channel^___^ I'm happy if I can help someone through my videos.

I still use Photoshop CS 5 for my work. Pretty oldschool, right? But it does not matter. As long as everything works, there is nothing to change. :D

Visit and subscribe my youtube channel:…

Here are some space animation experiments I did just for exploration:

Saturn with one of its moons: Titan.
Titan is the only known moon in the solar system with a full developed atmosphere.
Titan's atmosphere is even denser than earth's atmosphere.
The rain on Titan is made of liquid natural gas, mostly methane.

Jupiter with moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

Mars with moons Phobos and Deimos.

Visit and subscribe my youtube channel:…

Journey through one of my space nebula paintings.
Maybe the next destination is the Blood Nebula Painting? :)

Animation done with Vegas Movie Studio.
Hello guys^^,

I will be doing videos of me creating things in Photoshop and share with you the way how I do my pictures:)
Hope my videos will be helpful to you^_^
I will do videos including photography, photomanipulation, graphic design.

My videos are without any sound, because I thought like this everyone can turn on their own favourit music while watching :D
And hey I mean, it is all about the visuals and not the sound, right? XD

Enjoy and have a great time:)

Youtube Channel:…

just wanted to let you know that one of my pictures has been featured at and I got an artist feature at Drawcrowd^^.drawcrowd
What an honor :)
And some of my pictures are featured at this digital painting master group :3 PaintingDigital
Thank you so much.

By the way, halloween painting is coming :D

Have a great time :)
Now I'm on Tumblr^^ come and say hi and follow me if you want :D
Hey Guys^^

Will offer you free brushes, premium content and photo textures soon. Such as brushes you could use for space art or brushes for rocks and abstract shapes.
Textures and texturemaps for floors, walls, buildings, planets ect.
Since people asked me how I create certain things I will do tutorial videos too.^^ Like creating space scenes, planets, building up my environments, custom brushes ect.^^
Getting excited:D

See ya and have a great weekend^^
Hello Guys^^

will now offer some of my best artworks for print^^
So don't get confused, if you see artworks uploaded twice^^
I will upload them over the time step by step^^

Have a great weekend:)
Website is online!
Check it out^^
Hello Guys^^

Just to let you know. I'm rebuilding my website and it wil be finished soon. Just changing the layout to make it much easier for you to look at:)

Wish you a nice week:)
Hello guys^^,

it´s been a while since I uploaded paintings but I'm quite busy at the momend^^
But as the title of this journal entry says, I'm working on something new.
You wanna know what it is right?:) You will find out when it's done:D It is a book, that is all I can say:)

Wish you a nice summer and a nice week^^

Don't forget to like my page on facebook and check out my website^^

Daniel Schmelling - Danart on Facebook
Hello people from DeviantArt^^,

like the title of the journal entry says I created an official art page of myself.

Daniel Schmelling - Danart

Like, share and the most important thing: Enjoooyyy! :)
So I cleaned up my gallery, erased my old stuff to get the attention to my newer and better works^^ and Ive designed my own logo for my corporate identity.  Thats why I put it on all my pictures in order to create an unity.
So I have now noticed after some time that I, in addition to photography, now prefer the more and more Concept Art. Specifically in the direction of Environmental Art.
This will give me more opportunities to combine photography and painting.