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cinnamon cappuccino burst

cinnamon cappuccino burst
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Cool! I like it!
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Interesting blend. I like the general idea. However, the coffee splash seems too... fiery? Perhaps it's just me, but it doesn't seem fluid enough to be realistic? Also, not having the hate and glasses there would help direct attention to the milk and coffee 'burst'. The picture has some dynamic sections (milk splashes) but there's too much black/nothingness/background it takes away the action and makes the picture a bit bland, empty and boring. I would crop a bit from the top and bottom, and a chunk from the left. It might help? Once again, these are just my personal opinions and preferrances, so feel free to ignore them. =D
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Yo dude! Thanks for your opinion. I disagree at your point "too much black/nothingness/background it takes away the action". At MY view, nothingness direct your eyes to where acts runs. It's like some holofote. And I love black/neutrals and nothingless :P haha I hate arts that got too much attention haha
Anyway, I appreciate your time/words and etc. I like/need this as the same way I like to experiment new things/arts.
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Haha. Wow, you disagreed with my opinion and actually told me so without biting my head off! My respect for you just rose by... alot. :P
I like experimenting too, though unfortunately most of my results are rather ghastly, unlike yours. Anyway, there's no need to thank me. It's more of a compliment to you that I commented - it just shows that your art made me pause and think! :ahoy:
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Haha! No dude! We need (always) to keep the respect for other arts/styles/tastes. We both love art, as I see and it is enough!

Thanks again for your visit, bro.

Cheers on!
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