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The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past - Fanart

By danielbogni
Screenshot Fanart
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© 2016 - 2021 danielbogni
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Link to the Past is one of my top favorite games! I love how much love you brought to the picture. It looks so nice. I wish we could get a revamp of the original like this, but it's truly a game that has aged well regardless of graphics.

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" It is dangerous to go alone. "

Thank you. So many priceless memorys. =)
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Uh muh gush. Yup need this in my faves. :eager: :clap:
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Wow, I love this! The way you kept the perspective of the original pixelated game, but added such realistic shading/lighting and other details... it's a slightly bizarre yet satisfying mixture. Well-done! :clap:
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I hope Link doesn't get wet in that rainstorm. He has to walk through it to reach the secret passage that leads into the castle. That's what he does in A Link To The Past.
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gorgeous work!
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The guy who said a bit stolen from Orioto, I wanna say I dont see any similarities between both of ur works.
I love both of u and I respect all guys who remake old games however the style, ofc everyone has his own style, But definitely Ur work is Amazing, I told u before, You and Elemental79 Are the best.  Please keep reworking the old games pleaaaaaaase, I wanna see more old games with ur style.
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hahahaha thank you! always have a asshole to tell some bullshit in DA hahahahaha, Orioto already tell that are two completely different styles.
Thank you again!
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If this is what the game legit looked like I think I would lose my mind everytime I walked onto a new screen..Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion 
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hahaha thank you
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XDD You're welcome~
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Socorrooooo Isso ta muito foda!!
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Nice work! Love A Link to the Past!
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zelda a link to the past já é um jogo lindo em si e você faz ele ficar mais lindo ainda 
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Seeing a drawing based of a screenshot of this game drawn and colored so beautifully makes me so giddy!!
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