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tentacle slap

this is a personal work just for fun ^^
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beautiful model with tentacles :)

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HOTT! She’s in for some SEXY fun!
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have you seen the stuff that krakenkatz does very similar he's on deviant art too!!!!
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Oh my...sooo sexy! Love  I love the sucker marks on her tush! Drool 
Jazminedasilva's avatar
tentacles are the best lovers
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I have always been fascinated with your work, especially, Tentacle Slap. I would like to see more to this story.  here at CSUDH, I have been pushing my ideas of erotic art. the head of the art department looked in to it, and gave me the Okay,  to do erotic art.  I am thinking of adding a little tentacle elements to my Vulva sculptures, or may be, adding some tentacle art in my life painting class this spring.
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Beautiful work!       Nod 
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Sweet! Well done, I love how it's also pulling her hair..
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I'm not usually into tentacles, but this is awesome! The girl is just gorgeous, love the expression on her face. The details are outstanding, the pulling of her hair, the dangling panties, and most of all the marks on her behind after being swatted by tentacle. Excellent work!
someone censure this pervertion
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Most extraordinary, sexual, makes the sexiest fantasies come true.
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Nice sucker imprints!
bazookatortise's avatar
ive seen enough know where that was going
ZIDO15's avatar
slapctopuss :D :D
Megadji's avatar
Ho c'est beau!
wholewheat-keyboard's avatar
Haha - the tentacle shaped bruise is a nice touch!
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