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little speed painting just for fun ^^
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Eat him before he eats you!
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See! This is why I don't eat sushi cause this could happen!!! :omfg:

Its all good and tasty till the sushi fights back, then what are you going to do :shifty:
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yikes!* runs away!*
okay21's avatar
I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
qinoha's avatar
A comical and unexpected turn of events! I certainly won't be buying sushi from that store anytime soon! ;)
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I could have made a hentai joke, but she's received a mouthful already.
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Here, have a comment for this. :P
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xD This is the most amazing comment.
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LOL. Its like Alien movie. XD
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This is my worry when I try sushi
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Reason why I won't eat sushi - it may start moving while its going down your throat, depending on how fresh it is...
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OMG..... It could choke you!!!!!
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Haha aw poor girl, I love octopuses, I've been thinking about getting one
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I didn't know that YOU were the one who drew this!! LOL love the humor!
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must have been very fresh!
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