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portrait of a girl II

my own interpretation of a modern lolita
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beautiful, lovely work
Just lovely, her eyes are arresting ! And her slightly parted lips so sensual !
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What a winsome brunette, there's something both quizzical and bold about her gaze.
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Wow!. I love it!
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dreadlock mohawk? That is quite a lot of awesome.
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Um so länger ichd as Bild anschaue um so mehr gefällt es mir :)
Sie / das Bild hat eine Ausstrahlung ... nein eher eine Anziehungskraft
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Your work is amazing, thank you for sharing it with us.
Your really good, IM trying to get better at digital art can you lok at my stuf and tell me what i need to work on thank you. your really good.
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Special Greetings from Germany!
Rappel82's avatar
I love this girl. how u draw it?
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Its amazing! but her eyes look a little matte! need more glossiness! or shinyness!
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It's something different in a way I don't care about explaining, I just love it
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Love her eyes and hair
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She's adorable! And I just love her hair!!!
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Love the expression and the crazy hair!
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i would totally do this with my hair, but if i do, it will be hard to even my dreads out again (> n <)
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Мне нравиться ее волосы, это круто!
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