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was the first little painting this year ^^
inspired of my friend Heiko :iconheikoler:

now I want suuuuuushiiiiiiiiii ^^
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Last time I ever eat Calamari. 
Otaku3333's avatar
Wow!~ 😳 This is honestly so good!~
Lathric's avatar
And can we see a wider pan if this scene? And the scenes leading up to this? :-)
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gbromheadfire's avatar
God I could cum buckets to this...that is delicious!!
kristine301's avatar
Wow, that's smoking..quite thick for an all-the-through.
okay21's avatar
When I eat squid it usually comes into my mouth and out my butt. Not the other way around.
Absorbentghost's avatar
Very nice , love it .
r3320ca's avatar
Daniel this isnt inspired by your friend -- you know what this is..  Can you send me a note please..
Kimonas's avatar
But the tentacle would taste of poo poo
Audon4150's avatar
What's your problem with tentacles into womens orifices??? You creepy xD
ChainedWolfe's avatar
Seems to me, that tentacle is originating from the orifice.

I'm thinking be afraid OF the girl, not FOR her.
cupcakecreature's avatar
I've seen the new Evil Dead.. I no where this is going .-.
fatihodabas0's avatar
ooo my arm tattoo ;)
Oh my.

I cannot even express how amazed I am with this piece. I've been starring at it for about 3 minutes now. These feels are mind-blending.
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Ghhh. This is amazing. But I can taaaaste it. D:
darksidefilms's avatar
Love your tentacle work! Beautiful-
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When you know it's fresh!!
blitzeflatzeglatt's avatar
geht der arm rein oder raus?
TicoDrawing's avatar
eeeewwwww well done but eeewwww
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