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By DanielaUhlig
yumyum *_*

on my blog you can download a wallpaper package :heart:
:star: [link] :star:
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i wonder how this would look in png without the white background?
I'm in love with this drawing
Bazoom-Art's avatar
Greaaaaaaate Work. Like your Style.
Grendelkin's avatar
... A milk bath with pink Rabbidz? õ_o
JohanLemur's avatar
One bunny is not like the rest of 'em..
2snails1shell's avatar

We've adopted you into our family. We're proud of your spirited artimation* (we just made that up ... BUT(T) YOU MADE US DO IT! teehee :squee: )

Artimation (artistic automation) - a sensation that instantaneously, or by very brief delay, connects people through a shared sense of comfort. Once foreign, yet made automatically familiar on a previously unknown nirvanic level.

Nirvanic - I miss the creative force of Kurt Cobain (cobainian magnitude...we're 'blaming' your RAWRsome energy for this one, too), so let's make this word an ode to him ... whether or not it exists in anyone else's vocab.


darkmae76's avatar
wowww totally cool ^_^
T8KN4GRANTED's avatar
A couple of years ago, I looked at this, and thought to myself, maybe I'm not alone!!......Look at how fun she's having!  Your personality comes through in your work......and it inspired me!  I'm honored that you acknowledge me, really am.... You're amazing!
AngeloCarvalho's avatar
Fantástico, lindo , lindo, lindo....
KaganTheMiskid's avatar
medrawt's avatar
very nice...
MasteroftheWicked's avatar
Doooooood is all I gots tag say. Which roughly translates to this : I love the shine on the girls hair so nice and glossy , love this drawing it's simply so wonderful it's so well done how she's emerging from the liquid it's creepy it's odd and strange I cannot keep from looking. I feel this way about a lot of your work its just so nice! Okay well. Farewell then! :)
LogoSpot's avatar
Awesome work! :)
Camaterasu's avatar
i like this one. looks real. and cool concept as well.
velvetwool's avatar
That is just brilliant! Love your work!
ArsinoeArgento's avatar
She looks sooo real. Staring into my souuul~
jealousapples's avatar
lol quite random :D I love it
Lina-Garzon's avatar
wow, I love your work!
ToonTakeOne's avatar
I don't get what this is about, but it looks absolutely amazing.
knasen's avatar
God, I love your style. I'd almost ask you to marry me based on your graphics. :O
32-teahousemoons's avatar
its like you know exactly who I look like >.>

aside from that, this is positively beautiful!!!!
yanikaRed's avatar
put on my desktop just for its pure awesomeness, and i don't even know why i like it lol
billgoldberg's avatar
wish to do this kind of stuff also. . .
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