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:) it was very funny to paint. hope you´ll like it...
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Ha ha ha,Ha! Thats great! Id like one scoop of vanilla and two of toad please! Mommy, mommy my ice toad won't stay in its cone! Thats an amazing painting! You're very talented!!

Lots of love and light

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That's nasty
Awesome job tho
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now I finally found the artist! I just *need* to tell you, that this is probably the coolest drawing I have ever seen ... it immediately appealed to me seeing it the first time. Yours is the drawing that has been the definitive inspiration for me to start collection drawings of what I named "The ReadHead Redemption"! THANK YOU!!!
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short-range lsd effect ? :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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She meant to lick the ice cream cone, but put the frog to her mouth by mistake! :giggle: It's happened to me once when I was holding food in one hand and a non-food object in the other.
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LOL. Beautiful painting. Poor frog.
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:iconraouldukeplz:I need a lick too!!!
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Pippi long stocking
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like the concept^^
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Hahaha! Fantastic! Wonderful painting skills!
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Is this a Colorado river frog? if yes, this girl is going to trip...
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great illustration
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Wow, love your illustrations. I would be honored if you review my work in my gallery and make some comments good or bad. Thank you
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This is superb. :)
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Hey this was in that digital painting book, very fun concept haha
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I'm not worthy!!

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I saw its tutorial long ago it was so helpful thank you , I didn't know it was yours
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