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wow, really beautiful!
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I can practically feel her sadness, but the lip bite makes it feel like she's almost apologetic? Either way, beautifully done, great work
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Very beautiful!!
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Always the most bitter! :no:
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Aw, that lip... Great depth!
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awww what a beautiful illustration I'm just lost in her eyes a true masterpiece
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Amazing, i havent got words for this piece.... It makes me cry!!
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Was this published in IFX or somewhere similar? i swear I've seen it in a magazine somewhere. Its really beatutiful :)
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you draw awesome lips!!!! I mean everything else is great too but the lips....
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0_0 WAAAAAW 0_0
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WOW my god, she is so cute.
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I love how you put the shine on the lips... it seems almost real.
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Aww why are you so sad little one?

So cute, love the red nose, make another of her smiling yes.
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Amazing Art! Very emotional!
It charged full of sensuality, sandess and... pity.
I want to do everything to make she smiled.
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This is really beautiful!! :D Awsome work!
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that depth of field is really good. It really helps the eye travel throughout the page
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omg!!!!no no it's fantastic!!!the snow looks so real!!!!O_O I envy your talent!!!
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I love how expressive your art is, so cool!
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