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White Blood

*___* nose bleeding girls :heart:
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another gorgeous mouth haha
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But its red....???
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beautiful :) was she snorting cocaine if i may ask.
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Wow. I love her hair.
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i like it, it soft, and bold. very capturing.
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It's visually erotic and it's the use of innocent contrast.
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Nice! looks cleany! well, not so much. Nice work.
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Cool concept! Very creative! This inspired me to do my take on this idea! Thanks!
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- sorry - paled and bleeding fro her nostril - awesome! - :fella: - thats better -
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- paled and bleeding from her nostril - awesome! - :fella; -
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"Put love on hold; Young Hollywood is on the other line. Her nose runs ruby red, deaths in a double bed. Singing songs that could only catch the ear of the desperate." -- Fall Out Boy, The (After) Life of the Party from Infinity on High

That's all I can think of when looking at this. A fantastic song for a beautifully done piece.
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yeah,she is fckng cool!!!
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Breath taking...!
It's beautiful =]
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its enchanting, and sad. like the the start of a "fall from grace". The collapsing of utopia. I normally prefer the happier, cuter stuff on here, but this is beautiful and inspired.
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when am locking at this picture and not only this i can't believe these are made by human hands. :)

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Wow was für ein wunderschönes Bild. *_*

Erinnert mich daran wie oft ich Nasenbluten hab. ^^;
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Why don't I look this hot whenever I get a nosebleed? Not fair.
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the red just pops- great work
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