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July 22, 2008
Varvara by *lolita-art is an amazing digitally painted portrait. The colors, the fluidity, the shading and highlights are just perfect. This piece is exquisite.
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this painting is a rework of Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun´s (she was fantastic :heart:) work "Varvara Ivanovna Ladomirsky " [link]
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Beautiful and amazing interpretation of the original work, DD definitely deserved :)
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Very nicely executed!
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I love how lively she looks, she radiates with warmth and color
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I love Vigeé Lebrun's work, in fact i recognized her style at first sight in this one.
MarDeAdstra's avatar
Awesome tribute to an awesome artist.
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Beautiful tribute to Elisabeth LeBrun, I just love your interpretation of the piece :love:
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I love this so much Little Pixel Heart 
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Ooooo, niiiiiicccee! Classical piece. Very very nice.
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To know more about my great-great-grandmother Varvara Ivanovna Narishkin née Ladomirsky, go to

She was also the great-great-grandmother of my third cousin Prince Felix Yussupov .

With a handful of exceptions, all the descendants of Varvara inherited the beauty gene from her.
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Varvara Ivanovna Ladomirsky was my great-great-great-grandmother. She married my great-great-grandfather Ivan Dimitrievich Narishkin. She was never so vulgar-looking as this picture. You can find the real portrait at

I sort of resent your rendering of my favourite great-grat-grandmother who was so very much more beautiful than this, who had real class as opposed to this rendering!
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Amazing amazing work!!! LOVE the colors and details! <3
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Another amazing piece of your art :heart: I really love your work
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Beautiful work! I really like her face it's kind and radiant. Her overdress has a lovely sense of fullness like it would have in real life and the undress looks lovely and gauzy and soft. Her hair is great too, I like how much warmth of color it has.

Hayley :floating:
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Wonderful! She has a sweet face. :)
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The paintress of Marie-Antoinette, wasn't she (I mean Vigée-Lebrun)? Great work!
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which program do you use for do this amazing work?
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Yeah, fantastic...
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ohhh ...sweet lord.....I'm wordless ♥
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she is beautiful, amazing work.
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