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Tank Girl

that is a new painting I did for my latest exhibition :)

took me about 15 houres on and off, used reference, done in photoshop CS3
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Dyamo vevo : YouTube

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Excellent! Sexy!!!


Any possible way to actually get a print of this?  I love it so much!
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This is a very powerful piece of art you have done. And you did it well!!
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This artwork reminds me of something Jamie Hewlett would create, keep up the good work!
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amazing image!!!!
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Man this makes me feel old XD I have not seen that movie in yeeeeears. Pretty funny movie ^_^ Nicely done.
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I've always loved this. It reminded me of when I dressed up like Tank Girl  Deviant ID Tank Girl by Carliihde
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Beautiful work! :)
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Your picture was stolen here, just letting you know since I randomly ran into this link as a popup, typical virus look-alike crap. I did a reverse search image cause I liked the picture of the girl (DAT SAUCE) through TinEye
and then I found the SAUCE to it, which is obviously, this post. Just letting you know if you want to do anything about it if you care enough..…
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Loving the extra bits, breaking the mold with style. One aspect often missed is personality, you can almost guess what this character would sound like and behave. Well done.
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Awesome as always!
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Best version of TG I've ever seen.  Was she that flat chested?
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Very cool! +fav 
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